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標題: The rainfall Characteristics of the Zhoushui River Basin During Typhoon Seasons
作者: Lieh-Tung Pai
Wang, Ching-Feng
Chen, Chin-Hsing
Syu, Ruei-Hong
Huang, Huang-Jia
關鍵字: Rainfall duration;Rainfall distribution;Rainfal intensity;降雨延時;降雨分佈;降雨強度
Project: 水土保持學報, Volume 45, Issue 2, Page(s) 641-652.
台灣地區受颱風影響劇烈,故針對濁水溪流域颱風降雨特性進行分析,以瞭解濁水溪流域受颱風侵台之影響,作為未來防災應用、規劃設計或水資源利用參考。依據中央氣象局十類侵台颱風路徑,分析 1958 年至 2010 年間之歷史颱風資料,歷年各路徑侵台颱風事件之平均降雨延時介於 35 至 65hr 間,平均降雨延時最長者為第十類侵台颱風路徑,最短者為第九類侵台颱風路徑。總降雨量方面,影響濁水溪流域降雨較大者為第一、二、三、六及十等 5 類颱風侵台路徑。降雨分佈方面,第一、二、三、九、十類侵台颱風路徑之颱風主要降雨區為清水溪上游;第四、五、六、七、八類侵台颱風路徑之颱風主要降雨區為丹大、郡大溪流域。降雨強度方面,主要強降雨區為濁水溪上游、丹大、郡大溪上游、陳有蘭溪中、上游、清水溪中、上游及日月潭集水區等八區。

During typhoon seasons, Taiwan was suffered for heavy storm rainfall, which usually caused large river runoff, overland flow, erosion, landslide, debris flow, loss of power, and etc. In order to understand effects of large precipitations on the Zhuoshui River Basin, this study analyzed the rainfall characteristics of typhoons for providing references of applications of disaster prevention, planning and design of water resource uses. The recordings of typhoon rainfall during 1958-2010 were divided into ten path categories by the Central Weather Bureau. The averages of typhoon rainfall durations for each path category were between 35 and 65 hrs, the longest average duration was typhoons of the tenth path category and ninth path category was the shortest average duration. Regard with total amount of rainfall, five path categories of typhoons as the first, second, third, sixth and tenth categories have larger rainfall amounts than the remainder categories on the Zhuoshui River Basin. The main distributions of rainfall of Typhoons belong to the first, second, third, ninth, tenth path categories were on the upstream Basin of Chingshui stream, whereas typhoons of the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth path categories mainly distributed on the Danda and Jyunda Basins. The heavy typhoons with high rainfall intensity mainly occurred on eight areas such as upstream area of the Zhuoshui River Basin, Danda Basin, upstream area of the Jyunda Stream Basin, midstream-upstream areas of Chenyoulan River and Qingshui River Basin, and the Sun Moon Lake Basin.
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