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標題: Mechanism of headwater landslides in Alisan creek watershed
作者: Lin Chao-Yuan
Jhang Sin-Wei
Fu Gui-Lin
關鍵字: Extreme event;Headward erosion;Headwater watershed;Index of potential headwater landslide;極端事件;向源侵蝕;源頭集水區;源頭崩塌潛勢指標
Project: 水土保持學報, Volume 45, Issue 2, Page(s) 653-662.
本研究目的係以Strahler's 河川級序之概念劃定源頭集水區並探討其崩塌發生機制。利用數位地形模型及遙測影像處理技術,萃取樣區之地文水文資訊,藉由河道輸砂量與坡面泥砂產量之比值,建立源頭崩塌潛勢指標。結果顯示源頭崩塌潛勢指標可有效反映集水區源頭土砂堆積能量狀況,若逢極端事件來臨時,源頭崩塌潛勢較高之區位可能發生大規模土砂災害,可做為源頭集水區監測及管理之參考。

This study focused on the mechanisms of landslides which occurred in the headwater watershed to establish the index of potential headwater landslides. The index of potential headwater landslide is defined as a ratio of the amount of channel sediment output to the slopeland sediment yield for a given storm event in the headwater watershed. The spatial distribution of headwater watershed was delineated in the interested watershed according to the rule of Strahler's stream order and a conceptual model (index of potential headwater landslide) is introduced to quantitatively measure the potential headwater landslide for the references of policy and decision making.
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