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標題: Classification mode of Slopeland Utilization Limitations - take Fengchiu section of Sinyi Township of Nantou County as an example
作者: Chih-Cheng Weng
Chao-Wen Wang
Ching-Nan Hsu
Che-Wei Shen
Pei-Jung Chung
關鍵字: Classification of slopeland utilization limitations;logistic regression;山坡地土地可利用限度分類;羅吉斯迴歸
Project: 水土保持學報, Volume 45, Issue 4, Page(s) 803-814.
依據山坡地土地可利用限度查定工作手冊規定,山坡地土地可利用限度分類之各項查定因子量測係查定人員依據地政單位所提供之地籍圖及土地清冊,赴現場手持各項儀器判定各項查定因子等級後完成土地查定類別,由於現場查定受限於地形複雜度而判定不易,實有必要以客觀且量化之方法建立山坡地土地可利用限度分類模式,輔助查定人員現地判定之參考準則。本研究以南投縣信義鄉豐丘段為區域,地籍資料共計 1,251 筆,扣除不屬查定範圍土地及無查定資料後,已辦理查定土地分類有宜農牧地計 695 筆及宜林地計 277 筆,選取坡度、地形曲率、降雨沖蝕指數、土壤沖蝕性指數、土地覆蓋與管理指數、坡地岩體強度、常態化差異植生指數等 7 項因子,透過羅吉斯迴歸統計方法進行山坡地土地可利用限度查定分類分析得知,宜農牧地準確率 76.9% 及宜林地準確率 88.6%,總體準確度達 85.3%,故本研究建立之山坡地土地可利用限度分類模式,冀以區域性模式輔助查定人員現場判定之參考,並進而提升查定人員之行政效率。

According to the regulations in the manual of investigation of slopeland utilization limitations, the measurement of all factors of slopeland utilization limitations classification refers to investigation personnel conducting onsite determination of levels of all factors by using all kinds of hand-held instruments in accordance with cadastral map and cadastre provided by the land office before completing proper land classification. The verifications may be limited by terrain complexity thus leading to difficulties in determination. Therefore it is necessary to establish the slopeland utilization limitations classification mode based on objective and quantitative methods as reference for on-site determination by the verifications.
The target area of this study is the Fengchiu section of Sinyi Township of Nantou County, where there are a total of 1,251 cadastral data. By eliminating those outside the scope of investigation and those without investigation data, the verified land classification include 695 lands suitable for agriculture or animal husbandry, and 277 lands suitable for forestry. By selecting 7 factors (slope, terrain curvature, rainfall erosivity index, soil erodibility index, land cover and management index, strength of rock mass, and normalized difference vegetation index) for conducting analysis on investigation of slopeland utilization limitations classification through the logistic regression statistical method, we have identified the accuracy of lands suitable for agriculture and animal husbandry at 76.9% and the accuracy of lands suitable for forestry at 88.6%. Thus the overall accuracy is at 85.3%. Therefore we have established the classification mode of slopeland utilization limitations as the regional mode for assisting verifications in conducting on-site determination and for improving the administrative efficiency of verifications.
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