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dc.contributor.authorJiun-hau Jianen_US
dc.contributor.authorCheng-Yu Linen_US
dc.contributor.authorChao-Yuan Linen_US
dc.description.abstract雪為影響雪霸圈谷與七家灣溪生態系之重要因子,其以固態的形式滯留於圈谷,當氣溫上升時融化並產生逕流注入河川或滲入為地下水,具有穩定集水區內河川流量與水溫變化之作用,若全球暖化加速圈谷融雪速率,使水資源難以雪的型態於冬季儲存,將影響下游櫻花鉤吻鮭之生態基流量,為此分析氣候變化對七家灣溪基流量之影響極為重要。本研究藉由氣象觀測站所測得之雨量及氣溫資料,搭配衛星影像所計算之NDSI 萃取雪覆面積,加入融雪逕流模式(SRM)模擬冬、旱時期集水區之流量歷線,另利用不同氣候變遷情境推估集水區流量歷線變化,探討氣候變遷對圈谷融雪及其下游流量之影響。結果顯示桃山西溪與池有溪匯流口之流量,部份時期未能符合櫻花鉤吻鮭生態基流量0.06cms 之基本需求,由此推測櫻花鉤吻鮭僅能存活於桃山西溪與池有溪匯流口下游河段,此外;在氣候變遷模擬下,七家灣溪沿線(桃山西溪至高山溪)逕流量約減少0.07~8.71%,造成低於生態基流量河段增加,天然棲地減少之情況發生。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractSnowfall is an important factor affecting Shei-Pa Cirque and its nearby ecosystems of Chechiawan creek, which stores at the Cirque areas in a solid form and melts becoming runoff to recharge river and groundwater by infiltration process as temperature increase. This phenomenon shows that the function of stabilizing watershed river discharge and water temperature in the drought season. Global warming could accelerate the snow melting rate, and the loss of water resources could severely affect the downstream ecological base flow of Formosan landlocked salmon. This is why climate change plays critical roles on the variations of the Chechiawan creek in the interest watershed. This study mainly simulated the discharge hydrograph of the Chechiawan creek using SRM model. Precipitation and air temperature data were derived from the meteorological stations, and the data of snow-cover area were extracted from satellite imagery. In addition, a series of scenarios were presented to understand the effects of climate change on the snowmelt of Cirque and the ecological base flow of the downstream. The result shows that the discharge of Taoshansi creek to the intersection with Chiyou creek doesn't reach 0.06cms which is the ecological base flow of Formosan landlocked salmon. Therefore, Formosan landlocked salmon can only exist in the downstream of the intersection of Taoshan creek and Pintian creek. Furthermore, discharge of the Chechawan creek river section (Taoshansi creek to Gaoshan creek) has decreased 0.07~0.87%. It will increase the amount of creek with discharge lower than ecological base flow, and make natural habitat reduce.en_US
dc.relation水土保持學報, Volume 45, Issue 4, Page(s) 815-830.zh_TW
dc.subjectShei-Pa National Parken_US
dc.subjectClimate changeen_US
dc.subjectSRM modelen_US
dc.subjectSRM 模型zh_TW
dc.titleSnowmelt of Shei-Pa cirque on the discharge of Chechawan creek in response to climate changeen_US
dc.typeJournal Articlezh_TW
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