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標題: Scenic Beauty Estimation of Soil and Water Conservation Engineering Constructions on the Slopeland
作者: Huan-Chun Lin
Szu-Hsien Peng
Su-Chin Chen
關鍵字: Soil and water conservation engineering;scenic beauty;Scenic Beauty Estimation Method;SBE;水土保持工程;景觀美質;景觀評估模式
Project: 水土保持學報, Volume 45, Issue 4, Page(s) 831-846.
本研究採用 Daniel & Boster (1976) 所提出之偏好型心理物理學景觀評估模式(Scenic Beauty Estimation Method, SBE),針對山坡地水土保持工程景觀美質進行評估研究。從國內外相關水土保持工程中選出20 張照片製成投影片,請受測者依據投影片中之工程構造物與環境景觀美質進行偏好評分。本次受測對象選擇建國科技大學224 位同學進行評估,其中109 位為已修習相關設計或美學課程2 年以上之學生,透過統計檢定亦可分析探討大學新生與具2 年學習經驗同學認知是否存在差異。評分結果使用美國農業部之評值轉換程式RMRATE 將景觀美質評分標準化後轉成SBE 值,藉以比較各種工程構造物在景觀美質上之差異。

For the purpose of evaluating aesthetic quality of soil and water conservation engineering constructions in mountain areas, this paper employed Scenic Beauty Estimation Method (SBE), one of psycho-physical methods, developed by Daniel and Boster (1976). At first, we selected 20 photos of constructions from interior and foreign soil and water conservation engineering. Those 20 photos were categorized to 4 groups and then all were reordered randomly in the slide. Within a limited period, subjects were asked to view arranged slides continuously and then rated the preference scores 0~9, 0 means least preference, 9 means most preference, and finally wrote down individual characteristics such as gender, backgrounds. All of 224 Subjects in this paper are students in Chienkuo Technology University. 109 of those students had studied design or aesthetic related course for over 2 years. This composition of subjects was aimed to be helpful for testing again if the variation of aesthetic viewpoint exists between trained people and general public. The results of subjects' ratings were transferred through RMRATE computer program developed by USDA to standardization, Scenic Beauty Estimates (SBEs). This research applied statistics technique further analyzing gained SBEs to discuss the difference of scenic beauty quality among those constructions.
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