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標題: A Study on the Evaluation Framework of Taichung City Parks Development Order
作者: Chi-Hao Chang
Shin-Hwei Lin
關鍵字: Development order;Evaluation index;Fuzzy Delphi Method;Analytic Hierarchy Process;開闢順序;評估指標;模糊德爾菲法;層級分析法
Project: 水土保持學報, Volume 45, Issue 4, Page(s) 847-858.
結果顯示「道路可及性」...等10 個評估因子通過門檻值篩選、獨立性檢定、相關性檢定。因子權重最高前三名分別為「土地取得費用」、「人均單位綠地面積」、「人口密度」,最低者為「硬體建設費用」,在政府財政預算考量下,龐大的土地徵收成本是政府決策的重要考量。

For the government, To construct the parks has been the routine business for the construction sector, and the area of grass that each citizen owns is also the important indicator of urban development. In the public sector, how to decide where to build first is the difficult choices issue for the policy-makers under a limited budget. Therefore, build up a set of objective of valuation standard to provide a basis for decision-makers to decision making is important purpose of this study.
For building up this evaluation framework, this study based on related theories study and data collation and the expert interviews, develop evaluation factors and their hierarchical structure; by Fuzzy Delphi expert questionnaires and factor test, complete the screening factor; and use AHP methods to assess factors weights.
The results show 'Road accessibility'… etc. 10 evaluation factors through the threshold screening, independence test, correlation test. The top three highest weight factor 'cost of land ', 'units per capita green area', 'population density', and the lowest is 'hardware construction costs,' In the government budget considerations, the huge cost of land acquisition is an important consideration in government decision-making.
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