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標題: Strategy Study on Watershed Conservation Management Planning after Typhoon Morakot Disasters at Taitung Coastal Watersheds
作者: Wen-Fu Chen
Kuang-Chih Yen
Tung-Cheng Wang
Yu-Chin Chen
關鍵字: Typhoon Morakot Disasters;Watershed Management;Integrated Planning Soil & Water Conservation Engineering;Ecological Environment;莫拉克颱風災害;集水區治理;整體性水土保持工程治理規劃;生態環境
Project: 水土保持學報, Volume 45, Issue 4, Page(s) 871-888.
臺灣地區地勢陡峻、地質脆弱、地震與颱風頻繁,且在歷經1999 年921 集集大地震後,山坡地之地層與土砂更加破碎與鬆散。而10 年後2009 年8 月的莫拉克颱風,因其高強度、長延時的降雨特性不僅使得台灣東部及南部地區發生崩塌、洪水及土石流等嚴重災害,更造成全台人民生命財產上的極大損失。本研究以台東縣南部沿海地區七個小集水區為例,針對莫拉克颱風時,因大量瞬時降雨所造成不同以往的災害型態,進行集水區之調查,並以2009 年8 月28 日行政院頒佈之「莫拉克颱風災後重建特別條例」為主要政策依據,提出集水區內災害問題之分析與對策之擬定,同時排定集水區治理之優先順序,進行整體性水土保持工程治理規劃,設法逐步朝回復集水區之生態環境努力,冀使國土得以保安且使資源得以永續利用。

Owing to steep topography and complex geological environment, geologic disasters occur frequently in Taiwan, especially during typhoon seasons. Practically, the 1999 Chi-Chi earthquake resulted in a large number of landslides at the Upstream Watershed. In August 2009,the years later Typhoon Morakot brought devastatingly rain over southern and eastern parts of Taiwan. The extreme amount of rain triggered enormous landslides, flooding and severe debris-flow throughout this area. Then lead to heavy casualties and property losses.
Accordingly, this study aimed to analyze the change in watershed before and after typhoon Morakot. The coastal areas in southern Taitung are studied in this research. Base on the principle of 'The Morakot Post-Disaster Reconstruction Special Act', announced by Execute Yan in Aug,28th,2009, for strategic reconstruction area dividing and the implementation of reconstruction based on the ideal of protecting and restoring the national land being the guideline for reconstruction as well as landuse suitability analysis for evaluating environmental sensitive areas. An investigation of watersheds according to their characteristics, cause of hazards, hydrology, and their needs of soil and water conservation could serve as future management basis. The results can be used in developing the countermeasures and suggestions for integrated conservation and management works.
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