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標題: Analysis of the Combining Ability Test of the Hybrid between Cymbidium sinense and Cymbidium
作者: 范議夫
Yi-Fu Fan
Ying-Chun Chen
關鍵字: 報歲蘭;育種;組合力測試;Cymbidium sinense;breeding;combining ability test
Project: 興大園藝, Volume 38, Issue 1, Page(s) 67-78.
Characteristics such as vertical plants, inflorescence standing out from leaves, flower season in festivals and fragrant flowers are beneficial in Cymbidium sinense. But the deep brown flower color and incomplete open flower of C. sinense are bad characteristics. cymbidium orchid has grant flowers, full circle flower shape and colorful flowers, but it is not easy to grow and bloom at low land in Taiwan. Therefore, it is desirable to combine traits from both parents, and we also want to know parental effect, inherent variation and select progenies. Moreover, factorial design analysis was used to investigate the effect to the progenies of cymbidium and C. sinense cultivar. The most important selecting standard such as leaves length, leaves width, the distance from leaf tip to the edge of the pot and plant height are affect by pollen parents (cymbidium). Therefore, when breeding cymbidium in the future. The selection of paternal cymbidium needs to be noticed. Hybridization using C. sinense cultivar (C. sinense 'Jin-hua-shan' and C. sinense 'Da-mo') and cymbidium (C.(Gold Rush × Golden Birds)) and C. spp. 'Brown flower') to undergo combining ability test. The general combining ability of C. sinense cultivar is better performed by C. sinense 'Jin-hua-shan'. The special combining ability of all is not very high.

報歲蘭植株挺立、花莖直立挺出葉叢、花朵具芳香、花期契合節慶而虎頭蘭花大、花朵圓整且花色豐富,因此希望結合兩者的優良特性選育出優良的子代。本試驗使用變異數分析及組合力測試估算法,以找出子代變異的由來及找出較優良的親本。利用不同品種的虎頭蘭,與相同的報歲蘭親本雜交,調查後代間差異的顯著性,結果指出,虎頭蘭間遺傳背景的差異度,是影響後代表現的原因之一。利用複因子分析虎頭蘭與報歲蘭對後代的影響,幾個重要的選拔標準如葉片長寬、葉尖垂直距離與株高,受虎頭蘭影響,因此未來雜交時,須注意虎頭蘭的選擇。利用達摩報歲蘭(C. sinense 'Da-mo')與金華山報歲蘭(C. sinense 'Jin-hua-shan'),以及黃花 8 號(C.(Gold Rush × Golden Birds))與咖啡色虎頭蘭(C. spp. Brown flower)進行組合力分析,一般組合力測試報歲蘭的部分,以金華山報歲蘭表現較佳,特殊組合力的部份整體皆不是很高。未來報歲蘭的育種可多考慮使用金華山報歲蘭進行雜交。
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