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標題: The Effect of Light Source on Flower Bud of Paphiopedilum Growth in Vitro
作者: 黃琳方
Ling-Fang Huang
Ruey-Song Lin
關鍵字: Maudiae type;成熟度;LED 光源;試管培養;Maudiae type;maturation;Light-emitting diode (LED);in vitro culture
Project: 興大園藝, Volume 38, Issue 1, Page(s) 79-88.
This study took ovary base bud of Paphiopedilum maudiae type to induce shoot formation. The experiment of cultured in difference light-emitting diode, red light combination with blue light source treatment had the batter induction rate 76%, red light source had 45% induction rate. In white light source, S1 stage had 100% shoot induction rate; blue light source presented 83% bud induction rate at S3 stage of angle of sepals about 90°; red light source presented 80% bud induction rate at S4 stage of angle of sepals about 180°; red light combination with blue light source treatment presented 100% bud induction rate at S2 stage of angle of sepals less than 45°, respectively.

本試驗利用芭菲爾鞋蘭斑葉單花子房基芽誘導芽體形成。不同 LED 光源培養對於子房基芽誘導率,以紅光配合藍光處理有最高 74% 誘導率,紅光處理誘導率 45%。在白光環境下,S1 時期有 100% 誘導率;藍光環境下 S3 時期有 83%誘導率;紅光環境下 S4 時期有 80% 誘導率;紅光配合攔光處理在 S2 時期有 100% 誘導率。
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