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標題: A Study on the Public Perception on the Value of Coastal Windbreaks and Public Support for Related Policy
作者: 陳怡茹
Yi-Ru Chen
Chun-Hsien Lai
Wen-Wen Chon
Chen-Fa Wu
關鍵字: 海岸防風林;環境識覺;coastal windbreaks;environmental perception
Project: 興大園藝, Volume 38, Issue 1, Page(s) 103-119.
The aim of this study was to investigate the public perception on coastal windbreaks' existence, function and public support for related policies. Based on Down's environmental perception theory (1970), a public opinion survey focus on Danshui Shalun Beach and Baisha Bay located in New Taipei City was conducted and a total of 319 valid questionnaires were collected. The statistic results showed the 1) more than half of the public perceived the existence and functions of the coastal windbreaks, among which the windbreak, anti-sandstorm and anti–tidal risk functional values were the mostly perceived; 2) the public considered that the windbreaks were mostly affected by urban development, agriculture production and aging of the plants among the existing confronting issues; 3) transportation, and coastal constructions were the perceived major construction projects to affect the environmental wellness of coastal windbreaks; 4) the education park zone, employment of local residents and expanding the established policy were the mostly perceived policies; and 5) analysis of the public individual behavior revealed that most of the public had no willingness to pay extra expense on the care and maintenance of the windbreaks, and considered the establishment and implementation of related policy by the government would be sufficient, which indicated a poor public consciousness on this matter. Multiple stepwise regression analyses on the public imagery of coastal windbreaks was conducted, and the results were 1) the function cognition model showed the public acceptance of the windbreaks' function raised mainly as the anti-tidal risk function increased; 2) the confronting issue and major construction cognition model showed the public cognition increased mainly from the aging or disappearing of the windbreaks and the coastal construction; and 3) the policy cognition model showed the manpower and budget policies gained the highest public acceptance.

本研究之目的在於瞭解民眾對於海岸防風林之存在與功能的認知程度,以及對政府政策之支持程度。以 Downs(1970)提出環境識覺理論為本研究架構,以新北市的淡水沙崙海灘與白沙灣為研究區域,共獲得的 319 份有效問卷。描述統計結果探討得知,超過半數民眾知道海岸防風林的存在和發揮功能,其中以防風、飛砂、潮害價值系統的功能認知度最高;另外,民眾認為海岸防風林面臨的問題,以都市發展、農業生產、海岸防風林老化最大,此外,以交通工程、能源工程、景觀工程、海岸工程重大建設,影響健全海岸防風林環境,政府決策部分,以教育示範區、僱用在地居民、擴大編定政策認知最高,個人行為方面,多數民眾無意願額外支付金額維護,顯示民眾個人意願薄弱,多數民眾認為政府政策施政及維護即可。海岸防風林意象藉由逐步迴歸分析建立模式,在功能認知模式,主要以防止潮害功能提高,則功能認同度增加,面臨問題和重大建設認知模式,以老化或消失問題與海岸工程影響最多,則意識存在面臨問題危機認同提高,政策認知模式,以投入人力及經費政策,有助於提高施政認同度。
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