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標題: Ecotourism Plan in Dongsha Marine National Park
作者: 謝維芳
Wei-Fan Hsieh
Chung-Heng Hsieh
Hsiao-Wei Huang
Shu-Kuo Hsu
Chin-Hsun Hung
Sue-Jing Huang
Guan-An Wu
Sheng-Jung Ou
關鍵字: 生態旅遊;東沙環礁國家公園;Ecotourism;Dongsha Marine National Park
Project: 興大園藝, Volume 38, Issue 1, Page(s) 119-132.
The purpose of this study was to discuss situations of developing ecotourism in Dongsha Marine National Park. The study reviewed the related ecotourism concepts and theory of carrying capacity that formed the bases for guiding development direction for the future. By adapting secondary data collection, on-site survey and analysis, depth interview, and content analysis, the study pointed out that Dongsha Marine National Park has unique potentials, such as precious ecological resources and mysterious martial atmosphere, which will definitely attract general publics to visit. However, because the precious resource in Dongsha is easy to be impacted by tourism development and limitations like accessibility, not having enough food, water, and lodging supply, the study suggested that the positioning of Dongsha focus on the development of international marine research center and the base for cultivating conservation seeds for the future. By considering the carrying capacity concept from different perspectives, including ecological, physical, social, and facility dimensions, the study proposed a range of suitable visitor volume for Dongsha. Based upon the overall considerations, the study proposed a feasible and comprehensive ecotourism development plan and management strategies for Marine National Park Headquarter.

東沙環礁國家公園成立至今,在海洋國家公園管理處持續不斷地進行保育工作下周圍生態系統已漸漸復甦。由於東沙環礁國家公園資源之獨特性及稀有性,因此其未來發展方向及方式宜有審慎的考量。本研究係針對東沙環礁公園未來發展生態旅遊進行規劃,初步透過生態旅遊、承載量及國內外案例之相關文獻蒐集及分析,進而利用 LNT(Leave No Trace)及承載量之發展理念考量各項發展限制因子,在強調保育的前提之下,規劃合適的生態旅遊發展方案。在環境限制因子方面受到交通、住宿、水資源、軍事管制及政策法令之影響甚鉅,造成東沙的可及性相對較低,加上東沙環礁國家公園係以環境保育為首要目標,因此在生態旅遊發展規劃方案中,近程發展仍以持續進行保育工作為主,並為長程目標之國際研究站作準備,暫不開放生態旅遊。此期間需積極充實各類研究、基礎服務設備,及累積環境調查資料,作為後續發展之依歸。待各類基礎服務設備較為完善後,可開放以環境教育活動為主之生態旅遊遊客進入,同時在考量東沙珊瑚環礁的資源脆弱性應針對各指標物種及環境指標作嚴格之監控,比對遊客進入前後的生長狀況,適時評估及調整遊客人數,以作為後續生態旅遊發展之經營管理依據。
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