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標題: Effect of Low Root Temperature on Growth and Fruit Quality of Greenhouse-Grown Melon (Cucumis melo L.)
作者: 楊証閔
Jheng-Min Yang
Huey-Ling Lin
San-Gwang Hwang
關鍵字: melon;root temperature;growth;甜瓜;根溫;生長
Project: 興大園藝學報, Volume 38, Issue 3, Page(s) 45-58.
夏、秋季高溫,易使設施栽培作物產生高溫逆境,對作物生育或果實品質產生不良影響,因此本試驗於秋季(8-10 月)時,對東方甜瓜'嘉玉'品種進行冷水循環降低根溫的處理。使根溫控制於 23±2℃,期望能節省能源,並達到減緩高溫逆境之效果。結果顯示,降低根溫可增加株高與生長速率,但葉面積則與對照組(根溫 28 ± 4℃)無明顯增加;控制根溫於 23 ± 2℃對根部呼吸率有顯著增加,但根部活性無顯著差異。鮮乾重於處理間在秋季開花前無顯著差異,採收後處理組葉片鮮乾重則有明顯降低;碳水化合物濃度於兩處理間並無差異,低根溫處理組果實重量較重但糖度較對照組低。

In summer, heat stress can cause negative effects on crop growth and fruit quality. The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of root temperature on plant growth and development of oriental melon 'Jill'. The experiments were conducted in autumn (August-October), 2012. A significant increase in plant height and growth rate but not in leaf area were observed when root temperature was lowered to 23±2℃. No significant difference on root fresh and dry weight between root cooling and ambient condition can be observed before anthesis; however, leaf fresh and dry weight after harvest were significantly decreased by 30 and 16% under root cooling and ambient condition, respectively, compared with those of control. Carbohydrate content was not statistically different between root cooling and ambient condition. In autumn, the total fruit soluble solid under root cooling condition was significantly decreased relative to the control.
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