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標題: Studies on Transformation of Lysozyme and Holin Genes into Rice for Disease Resistance
作者: 林庭安
Ting-An Lin
Cheng-Tai Fu
Ke-Heng Chi
Ming-Te Yang
Menq-Jiau Tseng
關鍵字: lysozyme;holin;chloroplast gene transformation;rice;溶菌酶;穿孔素;葉綠體基因轉殖;水稻
Project: 興大園藝學報, Volume 38, Issue 3, Page(s) 59-70.
本研究將分離自 Xanthomonas fragariae (草莓角斑病菌)菌株的類似噬菌體(phage XF)的溶菌酶 (lys)及穿孔素 (hol)基因,並構築到水稻葉綠體基因轉殖之二種載體(pMT92-GHA 及 pMT92F-GL-sA),利用基因槍轟擊法,混合轉殖到'台農 67 號'水稻之癒傷組織的葉綠體。培殖體經 100 ppm streptomycin 持續篩選三個月,可獲得再生植株。再生的水稻葉片以 PCR 及 RT-PCR 分析之結果顯示,lys 基因、hol 基因及 gus 報導基因,已存在於轉殖水稻植株的葉綠體基因組中,並表現其 mRNA。轉殖水稻葉片接種水稻白葉枯病菌後,明顯的具抗病的特性。本研究初步結果顯示,利用水稻葉綠體基因轉殖系統,共同轉殖 lys 基因及 hol 基因,培育出抗病水稻是可行的。

In this study, two chloroplast transformation vectors, designated as pMT92-GHA and pMT92F-GL-sA, which contained phage lysozyme gene (lys) and holin gene (hol) as target genes, respectively, were transferred into rice chloroplast via biolistic bombardment. The regenerated plants were primarily selected by 100 ppm streptomycin and further confirmed by PCR and RT-PCR. The results of PCR and RT-PCR analysis indicated that transformed lys, hol, and gus genes were integrated into the plastid genome of transplastomic plants, and its mRNAs were expressed. Resistance to bacterial leaf blight of rice was found in the lys and hol gene transplastomic plants after inoculation with Xanthomonas campestris pv. oryzae.
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