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標題: Effect of GA3 and BA on Flowering of Paphipedilum Hybrids
GA3與 BA 對芭菲爾鞋蘭開花的影響
作者: 蕭元川
Yuan-Chuan Hsiao
Ruey-Song Lin
關鍵字: Paphiopedilum;gibberellin;BA;temperature;flower induction;芭菲爾鞋蘭;gibberellin;BA;溫度;開花誘導
Project: 興大園藝學報, Volume 38, Issue 3, Page(s) 71-86.
本研究以芭菲爾鞋蘭屬(Genus Paphiopedilum)的多花與單花雜交品種 P.philippinense x P. Somers Isles 為材料,探討 GA3與 BA 對芭菲爾鞋蘭開花的影響,並檢測開花過程中植體碳水化合物的變化。實驗結果顯示,GA3 能影響芭菲爾鞋蘭的開花,在 125ppm 的濃度即有明顯的效果,BA 則在開花創始階段會與 GA 產生頡抗作用,但對花序發育則具有協同的效果。植體內蔗糖、葡萄糖、果糖及澱粉等碳水化合物的含量與來花率之間並未呈現相關性;但在葉基部全可溶性糖的含量與碳氮比,則處理組有明顯較高的差異;綜合而言,碳水化合物的累積與代謝,是引起芭菲爾鞋蘭開花的主要原因,GA3 可能透過改變植體碳水化合物的代謝與分配而促進開花機制的啟動。

Paphiopedilum philippinense x P. Somers Isles was used in this study to investigate the effect of GA3 and BA on flowering of Paphiopedilum, and to detect the changes of carbohydrates during the flowering process. The results showed that GA3 could indeed effectively promote flowering of Paphiopedilum, with 125 ppm having significant effect. BA could possibly play as an antagonistic role with GA3 during flower initiation stage, but as a synergistic role during inflorescence development. Carbohydrates content of the plant showed in sucrose, glucose, fructose and starch no correlation with the flowering rate. But the total soluble sugar content and C/N ratio in the base of leaf of the treated groups is obviously higher than the control. Overall, the accumulation and metabolism of carbohydrates is the main factor of flower induction of Paphipedilum. GA possibly promoted to trig on flower initiation through changing distribution and metabolism of carbohydrates.
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