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標題: The Hybridization of Euphorbia × lomi and Mutants of Thornless Euphorbia milii 'Pink Fairy
作者: 洪若玫
Jo-Mei Hung
Chien-Young Chu
關鍵字: polyploidy breeding;thorn morphology;Euphorbia × lomi;多倍體育種;刺的形態;大花麒麟
Project: 興大園藝學報, Volume 38, Issue 3, Page(s) 87-101.
無刺麒麟花'粉仙子'經秋水仙素誘變而得到的多倍體誘變株 13 株(MC01~MC13),經 Brewbaker and Kwack (1963)花粉培養基培養,各誘變株的花粉培養在含糖 15~20%時花粉發芽率較高。再經不同溫度培養,各誘變株的花粉,在25~30℃下花粉發芽率較高,且發芽率皆高於 19.7%以上,顯示誘變株可以做為育種親本。前述誘變株再與 E. × lomi 'SupoRoek'雜交共獲得雜交後代 319 株。雜交後代在刺的表現上,結果並未得到完全無刺的個體。所有雜交組合產生的後代皆屬於多刺型,但是在刺的硬度卻有程度上的差異。在'SupoRoek' × MC01~13 的 255 株雜交後代中,其中有 175 株為軟刺,80 株為硬刺。

The plants of Euphorbia milii 'Pink Fairy' mutants (MC01~MC13) by colchicine were crossed with E. × lomi 'SupoRoek'(SR) for creating thornless E. × lomi. The suitable sucrose concentration in Brewbaker and Kwack (1963) medium for pollen germination in vitro of E. milii 'Pink Fairy' MC01~13 mutants was at 15~20%. The suitable temperature for pollen culture of E. milii 'Pink Fairy' MC01~13 mutants was at 25~35℃, and pollen germination rate of all mutants was above 19.7%. In all crosses with E. × lomi cultivars, only when 'SupoRoek' crossed as maternal parent was successful. And 319 offsprings developed, respectively. Thornless individuals did not be created in this research, and all crosses produce offsprings are spiny, but there are different level of thorn hardness. In 'SupoRoek' × MC01~13 255 hybrids, there are 175 plants with soft spines and 80 plants with hard spines.
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