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標題: Discussing of the Relationship between Place Attachment and Landscape Preference of LuKang's Residents
作者: 林擎天
Chin-Ten Lin
Sheng-Jung Ou
關鍵字: Place attachment;landscape preference;Lukang Township;地方依附;景觀偏好;鹿港鎮
Project: 興大園藝學報, Volume 38, Issue 3, Page(s) 103-117.
本研究以鹿港鎮為研究基地,欲了解地方居民對一地區的地方依附差異及對景觀偏好程度的差異,並進一步探討地方依附與景觀偏好之間的關係。首先,在地方依附部分,透過問卷對居民進行訪談,共取得有效問卷遊客 239 份;景觀偏好部分,利用隨機與訪談後所拍攝出來的 50 張照片,分為六大景觀類型,讓受測者依照喜好程度予以評分。研究結果發現,在地方依附與景觀偏好的相關分析中,居民的地方依附與景觀偏好相關分析結果呈現低度相關。根據研究結果,建議相關單位針對地方居民偏好程度較低的荒地景觀與道路景觀進行優先改善;並針對偏好程度最高的主要景觀給予有效的維護與保存。

Lukang has been keeping its very traditional face with diversity of cultural resources. However, because of recent modernization and increasing tourism development, residents now have experienced the landscape transformation of small town as well as their shifting emotional bonds to this place. This study therefore emphasizes the relationship between place attachment and landscape preference. In order to explore residents' place attachment toward to Lukang Township, structured questionnaire was designed and included three major parts: 1). personal background of respondent, 2). the characteristics of travel (for visitor) and of residence (for local), and 3).place attachment, composted of place dependence (15 items) and place identity (13 items), with Likert six points of rating scale. The dimensions of place dependence and place identity mainly adapted from Bricker & Kerstetter (2000) and Kaltenborn & Williams(2002).

Total 50 colorful photos in the format of 5x7 inches (35 photos from randomly selected grid of Lukang area plus15 photos suggested by local authority) were randomly presented to residents. Respondents were asked to answer their landscape preference against each picture using Likert seven points of rating scale from 1 as most disliked to 7 as most liked. The data collected from 250 residents respondents in convenience associated with random sampling at study site, were analyzed by using SPSS software with statistical methods of frequency description, factor analysis, Pearson correlation analysis.

According to the results, the characteristics of tourism attraction with traditional culture still play the important role to catch appreciation of resident. Therefore preservation of cultural heritage should be proposed much more deliberately.
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