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標題: Applying the Synesthesia Concept of the Music in the Design of Musical Fountain
作者: 許哲瑜
Che-Yu Hsu
Sheng-Jung Ou
關鍵字: musical fountain;synesthesia;emotional experience;music and synesthesia;音樂噴泉;共感覺;情緒體驗;音樂與共感覺
Project: 興大園藝學報, Volume 38, Issue 3, Page(s) 119-133.
本研究的主要目的是嘗試將不同音樂樂曲,應用「共感覺」(Synesthesia)的概念類比成音樂噴泉,著手進行受測者聽覺與視覺感受的情緒研究,以探討不同藝術間美感的關聯性。為創造「興奮的」、「輕鬆的」、「緊張的」、「無聊的」四種不同的音樂情緒體驗,應用 3D 動畫模擬技術將不同音樂樂曲融入塑造成音樂噴泉。透過問卷調查的進行,以瞭解受測者對於不同的音樂噴泉型態其情緒體驗。研究結果顯示,受測者在四種不同音樂噴泉型態下分別會產生不同情況的情緒感受。《哈雷路亞》音頻模擬的噴泉動畫,最能產生「興奮的」的情緒感受;以《魔笛》音頻模擬的噴泉動畫,最能產生「輕鬆的」的情緒感受;《命運交響曲》音頻模擬的噴泉動畫,最能產生「緊張的」的情緒感受;以及《G 弦之歌》音頻模擬的噴泉動畫,最能產生「無聊的」的情緒感受。同時亦證實了音樂與動畫之間的聽覺與視覺的搭配,能達到共感覺。

The major purpose of this study was to apply the synesthesia concept to test if there were significant correlations between emotion experiences generated from both visual design and audio design. For the part of audio design, the study adopted four different music which represented different emotion experiences such as excited, pleasure, intensive and boring.. For the part of visual design, the study transformed the same music into different musical fountain which also represented four emotion experiences mentioned above. The study employed 3D animated computer simulation technique to develop the required stimuli for the survey. Survey carried out to understand the viewers for different musical fountain form emotional experience. The result displays that the different set of musical fountain combination will induce respondents to have different emotional perceptions. In the ' Hallelujah ' audio analog fountain animation , 'excited' is the perception occurred mostly;in the ' The Magic Flute ' audio analog. fountain animation, 'excited' is the perception occurred mostly;in the ' Symphony of Destiny ' audio analog fountain animation,'excited'is the perception occurred mostly;and in ' G String Song ' audio analog fountain animation, 'excited' is the perception occurred mostly, It also confirmed that the mix between the music and the animation of auditory and visual, can reach a synesthesia.
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