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標題: The Human and Technology: Power, Life, and Cyborg in Dan Simmons''s Hyperion
作者: Chih-Wei Lin
關鍵字: 科技;權力;生命;賽柏格;Technology;Power;Life;Cyborg
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This thesis aims to explore power system, new forms of human being, and cyborgs in Dan Simmons's Hyperion and The Fall of Hyperion. The three crucial factors will make us seek the possibility of coevolution in technology and nature. Simmons depicted a galaxywide setting to emphasize the pseudo-prosperous social development after leaving mother earth, which regarded to the issues of imbalance between technology and nature in fast-paced society.
At the beginning, technology is merely an assistant tool which provides human with convenience. Ironically, it finally turns out to be an independent artificial intelligence with wisdom and self-consciousness to enslave humans. AI intends to deceive those have greatly reliance on technology into accepting that high-tech devices are daily necessities which actually causes the users walking into restraint. In Hyperion and The Fall of Hyperion, Simmons not only successfully portrays a complicated intertwining of power system and governmentality, but refers to cyborgs such as the cybrids and the Ousters; they exist as a synthesis of physical body, technological prosthesis and animality. Simmons boldly redefines the biological meaning of human being by cyborg body, further seeking the possibility of harmonious reconciliation among humans, technology and nature.

本論文主旨乃分析丹‧西蒙斯小說《海柏利昂》與《海柏利昂:海伯利昂的殞落》 中,藉由深度探討權力系統、人類型態、賽柏格等議題來發掘出自然與科技共同演化的可能性。西蒙斯在《海柏利昂》中創造出銀河星際背景設定,強調人類脫離地球後的繁榮發展階段,與現代社會中科技極速發展與自然失衡等議題相互呼應。
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