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標題: 美國夏威夷檀香山臺灣客家移民社群之建構
The Construction of Taiwanese Hakka Community in Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A.
作者: Ping-fang Lu
關鍵字: 臺灣客家移民;夏威夷;Taiwanese Hakka immigrants;Hawaii
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華人至夏威夷發展至今已超過兩百年歷史,19世紀中葉起,華人被大量招募到夏威夷各島的蔗糖園擔任契約勞工(contract laborer),其中約三成是來自廣東各地的客家人,此時客家婦女亦與丈夫一起前往,共同投入於勞動生產。這些客家移民同其他華人移民般,對早期夏威夷的開發,作出了貢獻。在客家移民的努力下,華人教會、醫院、學校等組織陸續設立,1918年由客家人共同組成的「人和會館」(Nin Fo Fui Kon)於檀香山成立,1937年更名為「夏威夷崇正會」(Tsung Tsin Association),發展迄今已近百年歷史,為客家文化在夏威夷延續之重要象徵。

Chinese have been developed in Hawaii for more than two hundred years. From the mid-19th century, a large number of Chinese were recruited to the cane sugar farms in Hawaiian islands as contract laborers, of which about thirty percent were Hakka people who were from various places in Guangdong. Hakka women at that time also went together with her husbands, and participated in the production. Like other immigrants, these Hakka Chinese immigrants contributed a lot to the development of early Hawaii Society. Under the efforts of the Hakka immigrants, Chinese churches, hospitals, schools and other organizations were set up successively. In 1918, 'Nin Fo Fui Kon' was founded by Hakka immigrants in Honolulu, and it was changed its name into 'Tsung Tsin Association' in 1937. So far, 'Tsung Tsin Association' has developed for nearly a century of history and still been an important symbol for the continuation of Hakka culture in Hawaii.
After the New immigration laws of the United States was passed in 1965, a large number of new immigrants start to immigrate to the United States. Among these new immigrants, some of them are the Hakka people from Taiwan. Hawaii is even the first place of arrival for some Taiwanese Hakka immigrants who initially arrived in the United States, and later have persistently developed there for nearly half a century. Instead of participating in local tradition Hakka community, Taiwan Hakka immigrants dispersedly participate in various kinds of immigrant communities which are mainly composed of Taiwanese immigrants. Perhaps due to the small number and live in scattered, so there has been no Taiwanese Hakka organization or association was founded in Honolulu until Taiwan Hakka of Hawaii USA was founded in 2013.
Nonetheless, Taiwanese Hakka immigrants in Hawaii are still very concerned about the Taiwan Hakka cultural development, the first generation of Taiwanese Hakka immigrants, most of them still have a considerable degree of Hakka communication skills. Though they have varying degree of the understanding about Hakka , but they generally identify themselves as Hakka.
This paper focuses on the following issues:First, understand the background of Hakka immigrants who immigrated to Hawaii. Second, explore the Taiwanese Hakka immigrant society in Hawaii through the investigations of immigrant background, life adaptation, social participation . Third, explore the development of Taiwanese Hakka culture and the demonstration of Hakka spirit. Fourth, construct the community characteristics of Taiwanese Hakka immigrants in Hawaii from the application and discussion of migration theory.
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