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標題: cDNA cloning and transcriptional expression of cytochrome P450 in Rhyzopertha dominica
穀蠹細胞色素P450 cDNA之選殖及其表現與第滅寧藥劑感受性之探討
作者: 廖盈盈
Yin-Yin Liao
關鍵字: Rhyzopertha dominica;cytochrome P450;deltamethrin;穀蠹;細胞色素P450;第滅寧
引用: 林欉。1958。穀蠹生活習性之觀察。農業研究 8: 55-66。 姚美吉。2005。積穀害蟲防治手冊。行政院農業委員會農業試驗所、行政院農業委員會農糧署出版。2-4頁。 姚美吉,李啟陽,楊恩誠,路光暉。2009。利用燈光誘捕器調查各類穀倉之積穀害蟲種類與族群變化。台灣昆蟲 29:225-237。 姚美吉,羅幹成。1992。台灣儲藏袋裝梗稻中之昆蟲種類及其族群密度。中華昆蟲 12:161-169。 姚美吉,羅幹成。1994。穀蠹對巴賽松之抗藥性研究。中華昆蟲 14:331-341。 姚美吉,羅幹成。2000。第滅寧與巴賽松粉劑混拌袋裝稻穀防治積穀害蟲效果評估。中華昆蟲 20:255-266。 陳俊穎。2012。台灣各地區穀蠹於稻穀對第滅寧及賜諾殺之感受性研究。國立中興大學昆蟲學系碩士學位論文。 廖龍盛。2005。實用農藥修訂第八版。得力興業股份有限公司出版。台中。213-214、615-625頁。 謝豐國,洪麗梅,高穗生,徐士蘭。1980。倉儲米穀蟲害損失估計。植保會刊 22:385-395。 謝豐國,徐士蘭,吳英綉,謝榮昌。1983。常用殺蟲劑對玉米象、穀蠹之毒效評估。植保會刊 25:285-289。 謝豐國,徐士蘭,洪麗梅。1982。六種有機磷殺蟲劑在不同溫度中對玉米象、穀蠹之毒效。植保會刊 24:37-48。 Athie I, Gomes RAR, Bolonhezi S, Valentini SRT, Castro MFPPM. 1998. Effects of carbon dioxide and phosphine mixtures on resistant populations of stored-grain insects. J Stored Prod Res 34: 27-32. Berge JB, Feyereisen R, Amichot M. 1998. Cytochrome P450 monooxygenases and insecticide resistance in insects. Phil Trans R Soc Lond B 353: 1701-1705. Birch LC. 1953. 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A brain-specific cytochrome P450 responsible for the majority of deltamethrin resistance in the QTC279 strain of Tribolium castaneum. PNAS 107: 8557-8562.
To understand the effect of cytochrome P450 on the susceptibility of the lesser grain borer (Rhyzopertha dominica) to deltamethrin, the cytochrome P450 cDNA of R. dominica was cloned and expressed for analysis. Full length cDNA of 1601 bp, which encodes a 505-amino acid protein, was obtained through RT-PCR and RACE. The BLAST result revealed the sequence was highly similar to Tribolium castaneum cyp6b
subfamily. Therefore, the cDNA was named Rdcyp6b. The topology of phylogenetic tree indicated Rdcyp6b and T. castaneum cyp6bq9 cluster into a clade. It suggested the possible function of Rdcyp6b is to metabolize deltamethrin as the cyp6bq9 does. Further, the bioassay was carried out to determine the susceptibility of four populations (Hukou,
Yangmei, Sansing and Shenkang) to deltamethrin, resulted the LC50 values of 2.50, 4.34, 6.29 and 8.20 μg/ml, respectively. The resistance ratio of Yangmei population was 1.73 to Hukou population. The resistance ratio of Sansing and Shenkang were 2.5 and 3.3 fold, respectively. Using the real-time quantitative PCR, the Rdcyp6b expression of four populations was detected. The results showed Rdcyp6b was highly expressed in Shenkang population as its LC50 value was highest. However, the expression of Rdcyp6b and the LC50 values among the other three populations was not consistent. It could be that non-significant resistance ratio among populations. Moreover, Rdcyp6b was mainly expressed in the thorax.

為探討細胞色素P450 (cytochrome P450, CYP) 於穀蠹 (Rhyzopertha
dominica) 對第滅寧藥劑感受性的影響,本研究選殖穀蠹細胞色素
P450 cDNA 並分析其表現情形。藉由RT-PCR (reverse
transcription-PCR) 及RACE (rapid amplification of cDNA ends) 得到
全長1601 bp 的CYP cDNA,可轉譯505 個胺基酸。比對此cDNA 序
列的結果顯示與擬穀盜 (Tribolium castaneum) cyp6b 亞家族的基因關
係相近,將之命名為Rhyzopertha dominica cyp6b (Rdcyp6b)。建構
Neighbor-joining 親緣關係樹顯示Rdcyp6b 與擬穀盜cyp6bq9 相近,推
港四個穀蠹族群對第滅寧之感受性,其LC50 依序為2.50、4.34、6.29和8.20 μg/ml。相較於感受性最低的湖口族群,楊梅穀蠹相對抗性為1.7 倍,三星與伸港族群的相對抗性分別為2.5 與3.3 倍。進一步以即時定量 (real-time quantitative) PCR偵測四個族群Rdcyp6b之表現量,結果顯示伸港表現量最高,而其餘三個族群之Rdcyp6b 表現情形與預期不符合,未能與第滅寧感受性之結果相對應,推測為其相對抗性之差距不大,未能呈現感性與抗性族群Rdcyp6b 之表現差異。另以real-time quantitative PCR測試穀蠹頭、胸和腹部Rdcyp6 的表現情形,結果顯示於胸部之表現量最高。
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