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標題: 球型倒單擺控制系統之設計與實作
Design and Implementation of a Spherical Inverted Pendulum Control System
作者: 張嘉勝
Chang, Chia-Sheng
關鍵字: Spherical Inverted Pendulum;球型倒單擺
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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本論文的研究目的是以階層式滑動模式控制,設計發展球型倒單擺系統之運動控制器。本文應用機電整合技術去設計與建置該球型倒單擺系統。該系統之數學模型建立係分別採用牛頓力學與拉格朗日運動方程式,個別推導出球型倒單擺之解耦與耦合等兩種動態數學模型,並進一步以兩種特殊情況驗證此兩種數學模型之一致性。該平衡與運動控制器之設計係結合階層式滑動模式控制(Hierarchical sliding-mode control)與倒逆步控制(Backstepping control)等方法,用以完成球型倒單擺之角度控制與位置追蹤控制。另外, MATLAB/SIMULINK 被採用來進行幾個耦合情況進行控制系統之模擬,驗證所設計控制器之效能與優點,最後將模擬結果所得之控制器應用在實際系統,用以完成—球型倒單擺之控制,所得的實驗數據可例證所提控制方法之可行性與有效性。

This thesis develops techniques for system design, modeling and hierarchical sliding-mode control of a spherical inverted pendulum control system. A mechatronic approach is employed to design and construct the system structure for the spherical inverted pendulum control system. With the structure, Newtonian and Lagrangian mechanics are respectively employed to establish two types of mathematical models, decoupled and coupled. Both models are shown consistent under two special cases. Hierarchical siding-mode control and backstepping technique are used to propose decoupled and coupled controllers so as to maintain the nutation angle at zero and achieve position tracking at the same time. Via Matlab/Simulink, the effectiveness and merit of both controllers are exemplified by conducting several simulations on the coupled model. Experimental results indicate that the proposed decoupled controller is capable of providing satisfactory control performance for the spherical inverted pendulum.
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