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標題: Characteristics of seismic signal and self-potential of slope failure
作者: 林博翔
Bo-siang Lin
關鍵字: 自然電位法;震動訊號;邊坡崩塌;邊坡模型試驗;Self-potential;seismic signal;landslide;slope model test
引用: 1.Jean-Louis Thony, Pierre Morat, Georges Vachaud, Jean-Louis Le Mouël,(1997). Field characterization of the relationship between electrical potential gradients and soil water flux. Earth and Planetary Science, Volume 325, Issue 5, Pages 317-321. 2.Huang, N. E., Shen, Z., Long, S. R., Wu, Shih, H. H., Zheng, Q., Yen, N. C., Tung, C. C., and Liu, H. H, (1998). The empirical mode decomposition and the Hilbert spectrum for nonlinear and non-stationary time series analysis in: Proceedings of the royal society of London, series a: mathematical. Physical and Engineering Sciences, 454, 903-995. 3.Bruno F and Marillier F,(2000). Test of high-resolution seismic reflection and other geophysical techniques on the Boup and slide in the Swiss Alps. Surveys in Geophys., 21, 333-348. 4.N. Linde, A. Revil, A. Bolève, C. Dagès, J. Castermant, B. Suski, M. Voltz,(2007). Estimation of the water table throughout a catchment using self-potential and piezometric data in a Bayesian framework. J. Hydrol. 334, 88-98. 5.Katsumi Hattori, Hitomi Kohno, Yasunari Tojo, Tomomi Terajima, Hirotaka Ochiai,(2009). Early Warning of Landslides Based on Landslide Indoor Experiments, in Ch. 20.8 of Landslides – Disaster Risk Reduction Monitoring, Ed. By Kyoji Sassa and Paolo Canuti, e-ISBN: 978-3-540-69970-5, p.363-366. 6.AnCAD, Inc., (2011). Visual Signal Reference Guide, Version 1.4,(in Chinese). <> 7.Dammeier, F., Moore, J.R., Haslinger, F., and Loew, S., (2011). Characterization of alpine rockslides using statistical analysis of seismic signals: Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 116, F04024, doi: 10.1029/2011JF002037. 8.Troy Shinbrot, Nam H. Kim, and N. Nirmal Thyagu, (2012). Electrostatic precursors to granular slip events, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 109, 10806-10. 9.張家熏(2006),「探討淺層崩塌機制之大型試驗」,國立暨南國際大學土木工程學系碩士學位論文。 10.莊為清(2007),「應用HHT於現地鋼軌振動訊號之分析」,中原大學土木工程學系碩士學位論文。 11.簡睿宏(2009),「水文因子導致邊坡崩塌之研究」,國立高雄大學土木與環境工程學系碩士學位論文。 12.馮正一(2011),「小林村堰塞壩潰壩時間點與潰壩洪峰歷程之震動訊號分析」,第14屆大地工程研討會,桃園。 13.俞佳成、馮正一(2013),「大尺度土壤邊坡模型沖蝕崩塌試驗之震動訊號分析」,社團法人中華水土保持學會102年度年會,台中。 14.洪雋倫(2014),「利用自然電位法監測淺層土壤入滲歷程」,國立中央大學應用地質系碩士學位論文。

It often occurs extreme rainfall that causes more landslide disasters in Taiwan. Before landslide happen, there will be changed in internal stratigraphic that cause self-potential changing and generate seismic signal. Therefore, this study in order to verify the situation, and indoor slope model test conducted landslide test, and use control factor of rising groundwater and rainfall to observe self-potential changing and seismic signal during the test. The research results showed self-potential can reaction groundwater flow. In a continuous landslide process, it may correspond with the self-potential and seismic signal on the process. The research goal is determined whether the signals can be applied landslide warning before it destroyed, or it creates a new way to measure. It provides a new way for landslide monitoring and early warning.
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