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標題: Analysis of Landslide Susceptibility along the Route No.21
台 21 線道路邊坡崩塌潛感分析
作者: 趙逸幃
Yi-Wei Chao
關鍵字: 台 21 線;羅吉斯迴歸;崩塌潛感分析;Route No.21;logistic regression;landslide susceptibility
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本研究利用羅吉斯迴歸建立台 21 線陳有蘭溪沿線邊坡單元之崩塌潛感模式,對可能造成崩塌之因子進行篩選,將歷年四次颱風(賀伯颱風、桃芝颱風、敏督利颱風及辛樂克颱風)資料建立模型,並計算各因子的羅吉斯迴歸係數,建立模型方程式;模型以分類誤差矩陣與ROC 曲線判斷其模型之準確度,模型準確性為 81.4%,AUC=0.771,兩種驗證方法皆說明模型之可行性;再以莫拉克颱風驗證模型,其準確率為 80.8%,結果良好。最後將不同雨量重現期距之三日雨量,重現期距包含 10 年 50 年 100 年帶入模型內計算各邊坡單元之潛感值,、、建置陳有蘭溪流域公路沿線邊坡單元崩塌模型,並繪製此道路邊坡之崩塌潛感圖,可供日後崩塌預測、預警性封路之參考。

In this research, a susceptibility prediction model of landslides for the route No. 21 is established using logistic regression. The regression model is obtained using the data of topography, geology and rainfall of four typhoons, Herb, Sinlaku, Mindulle, and Toraji. The classification error matrix and the ROC curve show the accuracy of 81.4% and AUC of 0.771. Both two verification modes show good feasibility of this model. Furthermore, it is further verified by the data of typhoon Morakot with the accuracy of 80.8%. Finally, the susceptibility of each slope unit is predicted with respect to three daily rainfalls of recurrence intervals of 10, 50, and 100 years. The landslide model and susceptibility map along the route No. 21 in the Chenyoulan creek watershed is established.
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