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標題: Discussion on the Vibration Signal of Landslide Dam Failure
作者: 王偉銓
Wei-Chiuan Wang
關鍵字: 堰塞壩;HHT;水槽試驗;電導度;Landslide dam;Hilbert-Huang Transform (HHT);Flume test;Electrical conductivity
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近年堰塞湖災害頻傳,本研究為了瞭解堰塞壩潰決之特性,利用室內水槽模擬堰塞壩進行試驗。除了針對不同流量與壩體形狀進行探討外,設置加速度規量測振動訊號後以Hilbert-Huang Transform (HHT)分析振動訊號,辨識堰塞湖潰壩時所產生之振動訊號特徵。更加入體積含水量與電導度的量測,觀察是否能夠在壩體發生破壞前有先期訊號的產生。試驗結果發現壩體下游坡面角度不同會對壩體的穩定性及侵蝕過程有所影響。將潰壩振動訊號進行HHT分析後,發現Intrinsic mode function 2 (IMF 2)與水位變化的趨勢一致,可利用該特定頻率之變化趨勢反推出水位變化之歷程。並且可由時頻圖來判斷壩體產生滑動的主要頻率分布為250 Hz至450 Hz。而電導度在壩體發生滑動之前上升,可作為壩體發生破壞之先起訊號。

The disaster of landslide dam occur frequently in recent years. In this study we use flume test simulating landslide dam to find out the characteristics of collapsing. We discuss in different flow, shapes of dam and set up acceleration sensor to gather vibration signals when dams break. And we use the Hilbert-Huang Transform (HHT) to analyze the signals from dams collapsing, and also measure volumetric water content and electrical conductivity. The result has been shown that downstream slope of dam is a factor to influence the stability and erosion process of dam collapsing. After analyzing we found that variation of water level is similar to Intrinsic mode function 2 (IMF 2), and the main frequency of dam slide is 250 Hz to 450 Hz. It could be the forecast for dam failure when the electrical conductivity raises before dam sliding.
其他識別: U0005-2811201416180613
Rights: 同意授權瀏覽/列印電子全文服務,2017-08-31起公開。
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