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標題: 影像識別技術應用於交換機分機卡瑕疵檢測
PBX Extension Card Surface Defect Inspection by Using Image Recognition Technology
作者: 洪宗毅
Hung, Tsung-Yi
關鍵字: image processing;影像處理;template matching;printed circuit board;defect detection;image recognition;樣板比對;印刷電路板;缺陷檢測;影像識別
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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本篇論文提出了以影像識別技術為基礎,並結合CCD camera應用於交換機分機卡缺陷檢測系統。
電子元件利用表面黏著技術(SMT,surface mount technology)固定於電路板上,有一部份將產生缺陷;另一種情況則是客戶使用過程中,遭受到雷擊或突波衝擊,導致電路板損壞。維修人員進行缺陷修補,通常以人工方式進行檢測,往往浪費許多時間。本研究中探討之方法先將影像灰階化、直方圖均化、二值化、去除多餘雜訊,皆屬於影像處理的部分,再利用輪廓偵測技術使其邊緣之特徵得以擷取,最後利用樣板比對演算法之基礎,進行比對辨識。


In this thesis, we present an image recognition technology combining with the CCD camera for the switch extension card of the defect detection system.
When using SMT (surface mount technology) to fix the electronic components on the circuit board, there will be some defects. Besides, when customers use the switch extension card, the circuit board may suffer from damage due to the impact of lightning or surges. To repair the defects, the detection works are often taken manually, which may lead to the waste of time. In this research, we start from the image processing, including the image grayscale, histogram equalization, thresholding, and noise removal. Then, the techniques of contour edge detection are applied for feature extraction. Finally, we use the algorithms of template matching for matching and recognition.
In our experiment, the images of normal extension card, such as the images of electronic components and solder side, are extracted and used as a standard samples. Meanwhile, the images of the burned IC are put in the database module as a record of abnormal data. To verify the applicability of this detection system, we have tested a set of extension cards and shown significant performance of our research.
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