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標題: Investigation of Rural Rejuvenation Projects Construction Defect Reasons and Their Preventive Measures
作者: 張哲嘉
Che-Chia Chang
關鍵字: 農村再生;工程品質;施工缺失;Rural Rejuvenation;Construction Quality;Construction Defects
引用: 1.行政院農業委員會,2010,農村再生條例 2.行政院農業委員會水土保持局,2011,農村再生條例施行細則 3.行政院農業委員會水土保持局,2012,農村再生設施施工規範 4.行政院農業委員會水土保持局,2012,農村再生工程品質委託抽驗 5.行政院農業委員會水土保持局,2012,農村再生工程品質管理參考手冊 6.行政院農業委員會水土保持局,2013,水土保持局臺北、臺中、花蓮分局轄區102年度農村再生工程品質委託抽驗 7.行政院農業委員會水土保持局,2013,水土保持局南投、臺南、臺東分局轄區102年度農村再生工程品質委託抽驗 8.行政院農業委員會水土保持局,2014,農村再生設施工程品質抽驗補充規定 9.張哲嘉、林俐玲、林秉賢,2014,農村再生工程金額折減率與施工品質關係之探討,水土保持學報(印刷中)

In this study, the quality of the rural rejuvenation projects construction works from 2011 to 2013 were collected and analyzed. The frequent defects and their reasons have been discussed for current projects. From the resulting improvement strategies, we hope to minimize the defects of soil and water conservation works. This may reduce costs and time consumption and increase the quality of soil and water conservation projects.
289 rural rejuvenation projects were sampled for examining the construction quality. The results indicated that among them, 'concrete complete surface' has defect which included cellular or empty holes (41%), iron pieces with irregular cutting surface(23%), and cement structures with damaged corner (20%). The highest proportion of deletion in 'asphalt pavement' is insufficient of discharging slope (23%). The highest proportion of deletion in 'Pitching stone' is building incomplete (30%), followed by concrete masonry surface residual with pulp (22%). The highest proportion of deletion in 'Sidewalk' is the stone trail worked firmly (27%), followed by caulking sand incomplete (17%). The highest proportion of deletion in 'Ecological pool and ponds' is lack of warning signs and escape equipment (20%). The highest proportion of deletion in 'Vegetation engineering' is using support frame without cushion banding (30%).
其他識別: U0005-0202201510465500
Rights: 同意授權瀏覽/列印電子全文服務,2018-02-03起公開。
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