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標題: Study on the Effect of Continuous Sand-fixed Hedge
作者: 周廷韋
Ting-Wei Chou
關鍵字: 風洞;堆砂籬;飛砂;Wind tunnel;Sand-fixed hedge;blown sand
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堆砂籬為台灣沿海防風定砂構造物中重要的設施,然而堆砂籬應如何設置,才能達到最顯著的堆砂功效,至今尚缺規範可資依循;為能提供詳實資訊,本研究利用風洞設備,研擬 10 組不同配置之堆砂籬模型從事試驗,深入觀測分析比較,以了解其堆砂功效之差異,所得成果亦可作為爾後堆砂籬規劃設計之參考依據。由風洞試驗結果得知,在堆砂籬間距配置方面,以間距 14H(H為籬高)之功效較為理想;而堆砂籬籬數愈多,其堆砂功效逐漸趨緩;又單一堆砂籬分期配置,其堆砂功效優於連續配置之堆砂籬,但其間差異僅 2%,因此,在面對濱海廣大飛砂嚴重之地區,基於安全與時效考量,建議應設置連續配置之堆砂籬。然而,當大面積規劃堆砂籬時,因數量眾多,工期較長,費用昂貴,經由試驗得知,本研究堆砂籬籬數在減半配置時,其堆砂體積並非減半,而是減少 13%左右;故在大範圍設置堆砂籬,僅需減半配置,即能達到節省工時與經費之目的。

Sand-fixed hedge is an important defense installations at coastally in Taiwan, but what is the best design for piling sand, it is still no results. For preparing full and accurate information, it operates 10 different kind of
sand-fixed hedge models to do the wind tunnel experiment. Through deeply observation and analysis, it can understand the different sand-fixed hedge have different obstruct sand function. The result can put in use the design of sand-fixed hedge in the future. The result shown the best effect of different distance between sand-fixed hedge is 14H(H is height of model). And the more sand-fixed hedge the effect will be worse. The effect of sand-fixed hedge by stage is better than continuous sand-fixed hedge, but only different about 2%. Therefore, considering the safety, effect and time, it recommend to set up continuous sand-fixed hedge in blown sand disaster area. However, a large number sand-fixed hedge cost huge fees and time in big range area. Basing on experiment, the sand volume didn't become one half in half configuration, it only reduces about 13%. Consequently, half
configuration can reach saving fees and time in big range area.
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