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標題: A Study on the Signals of Vibration and Electrical Field of Landslide Induced by Seepage
作者: 林柏辰
Po-Chen Lin
關鍵字: 電位差;邊坡模型;崩塌;地下水滲流;管湧破壞;electrical potential;landslide;slope model;vibrational signal;groundwater flow;failure by piping
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The experiment was set up an indoor equipment for model slope testing. According to the soil, and so on, it can be well-adjusted and assorts different external forces to break the model slopes such as simulating groundwater seepage, article rainfall, and increase of load on the slope. It would measure each physical data in the process.
The intention is to cause the failure by piping on the model slope by the simulation of groundwater rise, and then record the electrical potential and vibrational signals with it. Consequently, we found that as the model slope collapsed, the failure by piping made the decrease of electrical potential difference and it would correspond to the vibrational signals.
When the test starts, the electrical potential difference will go up to extreme value owing to the rising of moisture contain. And then, the electrical potential difference begins decreasing 100~200 seconds until the model slope collapses. The discovery may be a warning before slope collapsing.
其他識別: U0005-2608201513451400
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