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標題: 國產稻米收穫前至儲藏期間農藥殘留量的變化
Changes of Pesticides Residues between Preharvest to Storge Period of Domestic Rice
作者: Jia-Sheng Zhang
關鍵字: rice (Oryza sativa L.);pesticides residue;maximum residue limit;unhulled rice;hulled rice;水稻 (Oryza sativa L.);農藥殘留量;安全容許量;濕穀;糙米
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隨著時代的進步,食安問題已然成為社會上關注的重大議題之一,稻米又為臺灣之主要糧食,因此食用稻米是否有健康疑慮固然不可忽視。本論文主要與北部桃園縣、中部南投縣、南部嘉義縣各兩名農戶配合及中興大學試驗農場共七個地區之水稻田分別逢機採樣,一般以慣行農法栽培時,會在水稻 (Oryza sativa L.) 穀粒乳熟期至糊熟期時,做最後一次的藥劑噴施,於藥劑噴施後至收穫前依生長狀況而定進行2-4週之水稻稻穀採樣,收穫、烘乾、倉儲後也依序取稻穀送檢,並同時送檢同上述時間點之脫殼後稻穀,即為糙米 (hulled rice)。檢驗單位為行政院農委會農業藥物毒物試驗所,其採用行政院衛生署公告之「食品中殘?農藥檢驗方法-多重殘?分析方法(四)」檢驗。溼穀檢驗結果大致上可用線性函數 (linear function)、指數衰減函數 (exponential decay function)、4-PL (four parameter logistic curver) 做為藥劑殘留量衰減的曲線配適 (curve fitting),檢出的藥劑中,驗出政府禁用藥劑達馬松 (methamidophos) 及加保扶 (carbofuran),至於藥劑殘留量部分,尚有部分地區之零星藥劑於稻穀脫殼後仍超出臺灣訂定之安全容許量,未來可對這些藥劑多加留意。

With the progress of time, the issue of food safety has become one of the major issues of social concern. Rice (Oryza sativa L.) is a major crop in Taiwan. In this study, we had randomly sampled from farm field areas in Taoyuan County, Nantou County, Chiayi County and Chung Hsing University experimental farm. If we cultivate rice on conventional methods, rice grain just right milk stage to dough stage, will spraying agent the last time. We may be carried out grains during 2-4 week after spraying the pharmacy to pre-harvest in accordance with the growth status of rice.Grain had also been taken when harvesting, drying, storing.And then the grain were be submitted while the same point of time above. After husking rice, namely hulled rice, also were be submitted. The sample were be submitted to Taiwan Agricultural Chemicals and Toxic Substances Research Institute, which uses the Food and Drug Adminstration announced 'Pesticide residues in food inspection method - multi-residual analysis method (4)'. The pharmaceutical residues results generally available as linear function, exponential decay function, 4-PL (four parameter logistic curver) in attenuation curve fitting.The agents found to methamidophos and carbofuran which are government announced disable pesticide.As for pharmaceutical residues in part, there are some pharmacy after rice husking still exceeded safety tolerances.
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