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標題: ASEAN經濟協定下泰國咖啡關稅與供需變化之研究
A Study on Tariff with the Changes in Demand and Supply of Coffee in Thailand under the AEC Agreements
作者: Wen-Ling Wen
關鍵字: 咖啡市場;AEC協議的進口關稅;需求和供給的變動;各個價格水準的關係;時間序列分析;咖啡價格;Coffee market;import tariff of AEC agreement;demand and supply change;the relationship of price levels;time series analysis;coffee-price
泰國是東盟經濟共同體的成員之一,通過在公開市場操作 (即相同市場及生產基地) 自由移動以下五項領域,包括 產品、服務、投資、技術勞工、資本等,並在農產品開放市場下免除關稅並降低農產品的交易障礙,而泰國已對東盟國家的23項農產品放寬稅率至0% 但咖啡並不是減稅的產品之一。
  本研究主要針對咖啡豆產品,在AEC協議要求進口關稅的前後之價格變化。本文以時間序列的方法,分析泰國在2005-2013年間,因咖啡豆市場的進口關稅所帶來的影響。透過兩階段線性迴歸分析、局部均衡分析、以及各個咖啡價格 (農場價格(P_Fc)零售價格(P_Rc)和進口價格(P_Ic)等) 的彈性,此三者之間的關係, 來觀查咖啡價格與國內咖啡之需求和供給的變化。

Thailand is a member of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). By having to open operations market together or (single market and production base). Which have the moving freely in five fields such as goods, services, investment, skilled labor, capitals and eliminating tariffs and reduced trade barriers for agricultural products under open agricultural market. And Thailand has liberalized the import of 23 agricultural products with the ASEAN countries to be 0%. Coffee is one of the products have to reduce import tax.
This study examines the behavior of Thailand's coffee market and the price change of coffee bean before have import tariff until after having import tariff under the requirements of the AEC agreement. Empirical analysis focuses on the effect of an import tariff for coffee bean markets in Thailand over the period of 2005-2013 by using the Two- Stage Least Square (2SLS) from the estimation the partial equilibrium analysis and the relationship of the level of coffee prices (farm gate prices (PFC) and retail prices (PRC) and import (PIC) with elasticity, the relationship of coffee prices and changing demand and supply of domestic coffee market were captured.
Analytical results of this study are useful for coffee growers and manufacturers in planning and marketing, for government policy in guiding demand and supply of coffee in the Thailand.
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