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標題: 印尼可可豆產業之貿易政策分析
Trade Policy Analysis of Indonesia Cocoa Industry
作者: Faisal Akbar
關鍵字: C-O 反覆估計模型(Cochrane-Orcutt iterative model);引申需求;Cochrane-Orcutt Interative model;derive demand.
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豆課徵從價稅後,是否能面對當出口需求量減少時,國內市場是否做好準備自行吸收多餘之供給數量。本研究採用 C-O 反覆估計模型(Cochrane-Orcutt iterativemodel)以證明何種預測變數對於印尼可可豆供需市場具有顯著影響。本研究指出國內市場價格變數、世界價格變數與稅制對可可豆需求具有顯著影響,但是個人平均所得變數與世界棕梠油價格並未對可可豆需求具有顯著影響。本研究也指出從價稅對於可可豆供需市場具有正向影響,並提供政府調整可可豆產業政策相關建議。

This study investigated the effect of the tax tariff policy on the supply and demand of cocoa bean in Indonesia. The imposed ad valorem tariff of Indonesia cocoa beans was investigated in order to know whether the domestic market is ready or not to absorb the quantity supply of cocoa beans, when the export demand quantity declined.
This study used Cochrane-Orcutt iterative model to identify which predictor variable significantly affects the demand of Indonesia cocoa beans supply. The Cochrane-Orcut
Iterative model is an appropriate estimation on this analysis, where the domestic price of cocoa beans, world price of cocoa beans, and taxes have significant impact to cocoa beans demand of Indonesia while the income per-capita and world palm oil price didn't have impact to cocoa beans demand of Indonesia. This study concluded that the ad
valorem tax tariff of cocoa beans has positive effect on the cocoa beans demand. This study is conducted in order to give suggestion for the government to regulate policy for
cocoa beans industry.
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