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標題: 中國對泰國龍眼乾的需求
The Import Demand for Thai's Dried Longan in China
作者: Sakkarin Santatipak
關鍵字: 泰國龍眼乾貿易;中國龍眼乾進口;出口競爭;RCA;GLS;Thai dried longan trade;China dried longan importing;export competitiveness;RCA;GLS
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本研究為分析泰國龍眼乾在中國需求的影響因素,與其他出口國相比,泰國龍眼乾出口量已隨時間減少,如緬甸出口大量龍眼乾於中國,因2003年出口關稅從20%降到0%。因此本文試圖分析泰國對於中國市場未來是否具有優劣勢,通過時間序列數據從1996年至2014年,以多元迴歸方程的計量模型來分析這些數據。係數以普通最小平方法(Generalized Least Squares,簡稱GLS) 估計,並以顯示性比較優勢(Revealed Comparative Advantage,簡稱RCA)分析被用來比較中國進口龍眼乾從2005至2014年泰國和緬甸之間的量。



The general theme of this thesis is to study and analyze the factors affecting the demand of Thai dried longan in China. The amount of Thai dried longan export has diminished overtime when compared with other exporter countries. Such as Myanmar who has large amount of dried longan exported to China especially since China has reduced tariff tax from 20 to 0 percent in 2003. Therefore, this thesis is trying to analyze whether Thailand will have advantage or disadvantage from exporting dried longan to China market in the future, by using the data of time series from years 1996 to 2014. The econometric model in the form of multiple regression equation was used to analyze this data. The coefficient of the equation was estimated by Generalized Least Squares (GLS) method. And the Revealed Comparative Advantage (RCA) analysis was used to compare the amount of dried longan imported of China from 2005 to 2014 between Thailand and Myanmar.

The result from estimated the data by GLS found that China income, Myanmar dried longan price, and tax reduction were positively correlated with import quantity of Thai dried longan to China. However Thai dried longan price and Thai currency exchange rate were negatively correlated.

The result of RCA between Thailand and Myanmar export dried longan to China, was found both of Thailand and Myanmar RCA index over 1 (RCA>1), which means both countries have the comparative advantage. However, Myanmar's RCA was at a higher level than Thai's RCA, as a result of Myanmar has the advantage about border nearby China and many routes for transport dried longan (Logistic). Thailand should maintain and develop the dried longan product to make a standard quality and confidence in Chinese consumer.
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