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標題: 動態背景下智慧型物體追蹤監控系統
An Intelligent Object-Tracking Monitor System under Dynamic Background
作者: 王秋祥
Wang, Chiu-Hsiang
關鍵字: Temporal Differencing;連續影像相減;Object Movement Detecting;Message Loop;OpenCV;物體移動偵測;訊息迴圈;OpenCV
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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在本論文實作出一個動態背景下可隨著移動物體自動控制攝影機方向之智慧型監控系統,其功能不僅包含移動物體的偵測,也具備移動物體的自動追蹤。在移動物體偵測部分,主要是利用Intel OpenCV函式庫中連續影像相減法(Temporal Differencing)執行快速的優勢來找出移動物體的輪廓,再配合追蹤演算法,以Windows訊息迴圈方式控制網路攝影機的轉動,使物體能保持在畫面的中間區域,以達到自動追蹤移動物體的功能。

Motion detection and object tracking are very popular research in the
field of computer vision all the time. An ordinary monitor system typically employs a fixed camera, so it can only monitor one direction and cannot adjust its lens to fit the movement of the object. Hence, dead spaces are often produced.
We implement an intelligent object-tracking monitor system under a dynamic background that can automatically control the shooting direction of its camera. Such a system possesses functions of not only detecting a moving object, but also real-time tracking a target .We mainly using is Intel OpenCV library in Temporal Differencing. It can quickly locate the contours of moving objects , with the tracking algorithms to Windows Message Loop control camera rotation, so that objects can remain in the middle of the screen area in order to achieve the functions of automatic tracking moving objects.
其他識別: U0005-2706201020265900
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