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標題: 三角積分類比數位轉換器
Sigma-Delta Analog to Digital Converter
作者: 莊博智
Chuang, Bob
關鍵字: 三角積分類比數位轉換器;Sigma-Delta
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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電子電路應用,可分為類比電路及數位電路兩大類.一般來說,自然界的各種能量變化透過各式感知器所輸出的信號為類比型式,而後續處理電路為數位式.要將此兩類電路結合完美,就需要類比數位轉換電路.其有多種型式可適用在不同場合.其中三角積分類比數位轉換電路已發展數十年,經過不斷改良演進,目前仍是主流的產品應用.如血壓計、耳溫槍、體重計及音頻電路等.其屬中低速度高位元之類比數位轉換電路,其核心量化器、數位濾波器部份可用數位電路來完成為其優點.本論文將以 OP AMP構成類比部份之積分器、比較器,再由CPLD來完成量化器及decimation filter,然後組成一完整之三角積分類比數位轉換器.再使用各式儀器來量測其重要特性如 INL/DNL、ENOB等.本電路的量測結果, DNL為-1 to +0.9 LSB avg0.005 LSB, INL為-4 to +2 LSB avg-1.7 LSB, ENOB為avg 5.4 bit.

A signal output with natural variations in energy retrieved by sensors is the analog type, while the subsequent circuit processing belongs to the digital type. Hence, to enable a smooth transition between analog and digital circuits requires A/D converters. Types of A/D converters are available for different applications. Practitioners regard Sigma-Delta A/D converters, which have been developed and improved for several decades, among the best converters available with wide applications in devices such as sphygmomanometers, ear thermometers, body weight scales, and audio frequency circuits. For mid to low speed, high bit A/D converter circuits, the advantage is that quantizer and digital filter processes can be completed using digital circuits. Current research has developed the integrator and comparator of the analog part with OP AMP, followed by creating the quantizer and decimation filter with a Complex-programmable Logic Device (CPLD), thus, obtaining a complete Sigma-Delta A/D digital converter. Finally, measuring instruments have evaluated important characteristics, such as integral non-linearity/differential non-linearity (INL/DNL) and the effective number of bits (ENOB).The measurement result: DNL is -1 to +0.9 LSB avg0.005 LSB, INL is -4 to +2 LSB avg-1.7 LSB, , ENOBAvg 5.4 bit.
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