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標題: 取樣資料系統之後置濾波輸出回授可變結構器控制
Post-Filtering Approach to Output Feedback Variable Structure Control for Single-Input-Single-Output Sampled-Data Systems
作者: 方宏晉
Fung, Hung-Jinn
關鍵字: output feedback;輸出回授;variable structure systems;sampled-data systems;可變結構系統;取樣資料系統
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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本論文主要針對一個線性非時變單輸入單輸出取樣資料系統,提出一個動態後置濾波器的方法來處理可變結構輸出回授控制的問題。因系統的狀態不容易獲得,但系統輸出是可量測的,經由可變結構控制法則,利用其順滑變數 與輸出變數 之間的關係來合成順滑平面,此關係相當於一個動態濾波器,稱之為後置濾波器。與狀態估測器相比之下,動態濾波器具有不受匹配雜訊的影響,且只需要部分的系統參數的優點,所以在可變結構系統中的強健性依然存在。
為了實現離散時間的可變結構控制,利用零階保持的方式離散化此後置濾波器,在離散時間的情況下,相對階數等於一時,可直接使用離散化的技巧以達成實現目的,在相對階數大於一時,建立一個輔助輸出函數,以保有相對階數等於一的順滑平面,並導入準順滑模態的概念,在順滑平面形成一個厚度為 的邊界層。本論文最後以實際電路模型作為例子來說明設計程序及驗證模擬結果。

This thesis presents a dynamic post-filtering approach to a linear-time-invariant, single-input-single-output sampled-data variable structure output feedback control problem. Assume the system output is measurable but the system state is not fully accessible. A relationship between the sliding variable and the system output variable can be employed to synthesize sliding surface for the variable structure control law. This relationship is equivalent to a dynamic filter, called the post-filter. In contrast with a state observer, the post filter is invariant of the matched disturbances and it only requires partial parameters of the system. Thus, it is retained the robustness property of the variable structure system.
In order to realize the variable structure system in discrete-time, we use zero order hold method to discrete the post-filter. In the case of discrete-time, the relative degree 1 can be accomplished by using the discretization technique. If the relative degree exceeds one, an auxiliary output function is constructed as a new sliding surface that maintain relative degree one. The concept of quasi sliding mode be employed, forming a boundary layer of thickness about the sliding surface. Finally, an actual circuit is taken as an example to illustrate the design process and verify the simulation results.
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