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標題: Kinect於即時手勢滑鼠之應用
Real-time Hand gesture controlled mouse using Kinect
作者: 李昕倫
Lee, Hsin-Lun
關鍵字: Kinect;Kinect;深度資訊;手勢辨識;手腕切割;手勢滑鼠;Hand Gesture Recognition;Hand Segmentation;Gesture Mouse;Depth Information
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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傳統的人機介面當中,幾乎都是利用接觸式的方式與電腦做溝通,隨著軟硬體技術不斷增進,人機介面的研究領域亦伴隨著重大發展,從早期的命令式介面、圖形化介面、接觸式近距離操作,到現在的非接觸式遠距離操作。在這麼多種操作方式之中,其中以非接觸式遠距離操作最常使用在遊戲操作上,像是:XBOX360 Kinect、Wii...等,這些都是利用手中的感測器和影像識別技術所達成,讓使用者可以在遠處操作電腦,取代了傳統操作上的拘束性。


Hand gesture recognition has been a popular research in recent years with a major emphasis on tracking, automatic feature detection and matching. Hand gesture recognition was not often applied to real applications. However, with an inexpensive and effective sensor, hand gesture input can become a useful and popular approach for the human-computer interface such as the remote mouse and virtual keyboard.
In this thesis, image segmentation and object recognition techniques are adopted to implement a real-time non-contact mouse using a Kinect. The algorithm consists of five main procedures: hand/arm detection, preprocessing, hand segmentation, hand gesture recognition, and mouse actions. Through simple hand gestures, the user can control the cursor in the windows system to achieve the control and operation performed by the traditional mouse.
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