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標題: 番茄種子的活力測試
Seed Vigor Testing of Tomato
作者: 昆汀庭
Kristine-Rey Quinto
關鍵字: 種子活力測試;番茄;Seed vigor;tomato;Tropical Ruby;Farmers 301
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Two cultivars of tomato seeds from Known-You Seed Company were subjected to seed treatments aiming to evaluate the vigor of each seed. 'Tropical Ruby' and 'Farmers 301' were selected as seed materials.
For priming, both seed varieties were exposed in a saturated solution of 6.5 g PEG (polyethylene glycol) 600 and 100 ml of water for 48 hours. Accelerated ageing was done by subjecting seeds at 42 °C and 100% relative humidity (RH) for 72 hours. The treated seeds were evaluated by measuring germination percentage, seedling emergence, seed electrical conductivity and respiration rate at optimal (25°C), low (15°C) and high temperature (35°C) .
Accelerated ageing significantly deteriorated seed vigor by the following results: reduced the germination rate of 'Farmers 301' from 50-43% at 35°C, a delay of emergence of 'Farmers 301' seeds from 9.8 to 14.3 days at 15°C. Ageing also significantly hastened the seed deterioration of seeds imbibed at 35°C for both 'Tropical Ruby' and 'Farmers 301'.
Priming resulted to an enhanced seed germination (64-74 %) of 'Tropical Ruby' seed when exposed to 35°C and 60-78% on 'Farmers 301' seeds at 15°C. Emergence of 'Farmers 301' was significanly hastened from 7.2 to 4.7 days at 35 °C. Respiration rate was significantly enhanced from 39.0 to 50.1 ml CO2/g/hr at 25°C . It also significantly reduced the electrical conductvity of both seed varieties imbibed at 15°C.
The study found out that effect of both priming (enhance seed vigor) and ageing (deteriorate seed vigor) on 'Tropical Ruby' and 'Farmers 301' but the degree of significance was dependent to temperature.
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