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標題: Identification of multiple cracks in a beam by using local adaptive differential quadrature method
作者: 吳俊育
Jiun-Yu Wu
關鍵字: 多裂縫尤拉樑;轉動彈簧;轉換矩陣;區域微分值積法;有限單元法;牛頓法。;Multi-cracked Euler-Bernoulli beams;Rotational spring model;Transfer matrix;Local adaptive differential quadrature method;Finite element method;Newton-Raphson iteration method.
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Multi-cracked Euler–Bernoulli beams is discussed in this article. The crack is considered as a rotational spring model which is related to the ratio of crack depth to the beam height (a/h). By using the transfer matrix method, the theoretical solution for natural frequencies of the cracked beam is obtained. The local adaptive differential quadrature method (La-DQM) and finite element method (FEM) were applied to evaluate the natural frequencies of cracked beams. The results of natural frequencies are in excellent agreement with literature results. By using Newton-Raphson iteration method, the crack locations and crack sizes are found for identification of multiple cracks in a beam. Numerical results were compared with results of other investigators and this method was found to be more accurate.

本文研究多裂縫尤拉樑(Euler-Bernoulli beam)的振動力學分析。在樑上的裂縫以轉動彈簧模擬,此轉動彈簧是與裂縫的深度有密切的關係,藉由基本假設引導出應力強度因子。應用轉換矩陣來連結裂縫的左右兩端樑,進一步推導出自然振動頻率。另外使用區域微分值積法(local adaptive differential quadrature method)與有限單元法(Finite element method)數值方法求解自然振動頻率。為了讓本文理論方法更完備,所獲得的結果與國外文獻的結果相互比較與討論。對於預測裂縫的位置與深度上,藉由上述三種方式(理論解、區域微分值積法、有限單元法)求解4個自然振動頻率,應用牛頓法進行預測裂縫樑的位置與深度。所獲得結果是比其它的文獻更精確。
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