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標題: UDP協定下串列裝置之無線監控應用
Wireless monitoring applications of UDP protocol serial device
作者: 賴星佑
Lai, Hsing-Yu
關鍵字: 串列設備;Serial device;串列設備連網伺服器;Real time;變量表;Serial Device Servers;Real time;Variable table
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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隨著時代的進步,工廠的生產已由人員操作進步到自動化生產,而自動化生產的設備中又以PLC(串列設備)為主,為了提高生產效率及節省成本,PLC(串列設備)的監控軟體因應而生,監控軟體安裝在電腦上與PLC(串列設備)中,相互進行資料傳輸。因為銷售市場的不同定位,除了高階的PLC(串列設備)之外,一般中、低階的PLC(串列設備),沒有額外設計電路以及預留RJ-45網路接口與週邊的網路設備(例如:Switch Hub、Access Point等等)相互配合。此時,串列設備連網伺服器,提供了良好的轉接機制,能將PLC(串列設備)常用的RS232串列埠轉為RJ-45的網路接口與週邊的網路設備互相配合,並提供多種的網路協定以及支援多種作業系統,讓設計者只需設計應用軟體即可。

因為PLC(串列設備)為獨立的作業系統與工作機制,需要即時處理各種輸入的訊號,再判斷後馬上輸出各種訊號,讓生產機台能正常工作,因此具備Real time的處理機制。所以安裝在電腦中的監控軟體想與串列設備(PLC)進行資料傳輸時,監控軟體需具備傳輸速度快、傳輸量大的特點,方能與串列設備(PLC)相互配合。而OSI模型中傳送層的協定就是 UDP及TCP,兩者主要的差異就在於是否提供可靠性傳輸。因此,不同的應用程式就可以根據自身的資料特性來決定其需要傳輸的服務。


With the progress of the times,factory’s production has progressed from personnel operated to automated production and for automated production equipments predominantly based on PLC (serial device). PLC(serial device) monitoring software is designed to improve production efficiency and cost savings,when monitoring software installed on computer with PLC which they will transfer data each other. Due to sales market positioning different,except high-level PLC(serial device),normal and low-level PLC(serial device) are not have additional circuit design and reserved for the RJ-45 network interface with the surrounding network equipments such as Switch Hub,Access Point and so on to cooperate with each other. However,Serial Device Servers can provide good forwarding mechanism and able to change PLC(serial device) used RS232 serial port into RJ-45 network interface and cooperated each other with surrounding network equipments,also provides a variety of network protocols and supports multi operating systems,make designers just need to use design application software.

PLC(serial device) is independent of operating system and working mechanism that needs to deal with a variety of input signals and then output varieties signals after judgment immediately,let the production machine can work properly so that PLC has Real time processing mechanism. Therefore, when installed monitoring software in the computer wants to do data transmission with PLC,the monitoring software need to have transmission speedy and voluminous in order to complement each other with PLC. UDP and TCP are protocols of the transport layer of the OSI model,the main difference between two protocols is whether to provide reliability transmission. Therefore different applications can be determined based on its own data characteristics to do the transmission services requirement.

This theory on application of monitoring software,for complement each other with PLC(serial device) and without affect its normal working,the UDP protocol will be choose for transmission structure of monitoring software with rapid and large capacity transmission. However,the UDP protocol in the transport layer are unreliable transmission mechanism that requires the application program to resolve this issue. In this paper for application layer program design,the program will install into PLC and computer and set up same “variable table” from monitoring software. Then two sides can read data according to the same address number,also plus overtime,compressed data format checking and retransmission mechanism that can handle missing,duplicate and unordered data packet to built up reliable transmission mechanism and solve unreliable transmission mechanism problem in UDP protocol.
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