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標題: Fabrication and AC susceptibility of La(Fe11.8Si1.2)13 material
La(Fe11.8Si1.2)13 材料製作與交流磁化率研究
作者: Yung-Chen Lu
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過去二十年來許多類型的材料出現 有趣且不同以往的磁性行為出現。,

自從 1999 年開始,由中國中科院物理研究所沈保根等人研究發現新型
磁製冷 NaZn13-結構的化合物 La(Fe13-xSix)13。當 x<1.6 時,La(Fe13-xSix)13 有巨大的自由電子磁變和磁熱效應。在居禮溫度時,即使是低外加磁場下,仍有高效率的的磁製冷。由於自由電子磁變是因為磁性材料由鐵磁態轉成順磁態,所以發生自由電子磁變時,材料會產生巨大的磁熱效應。

從交流磁化率所測量出的數據去分析 La(Fe11.8Si1.2)13 的一些有趣的行為,當中包含了磁化率 χ、損耗角 δ、可逆磁化過程中的實部 χ'、不可逆的磁化過程 χ'。由分析品質因子和損耗係數去了解La(Fe11.8Si1.2)13 能量儲存和損耗,並且討論在不同的溫度、頻率的條件下,La(Fe13-xSix)13 在外加磁場為交流磁場的情形下,材料磁化率的變化。

During last two decades many novel magnetic materials with interesting behavior and abnormal magnetic ordering have been found.The research was extended to various kinds of
Iron-based magnetic materials.There are ferrofluids molecular magnets and nano magnets.All、of them show new interesting magnetic properties, such as metamagnetism、helimagnetism、spin glass、supperparamagnetism.

Since 1999 B.G.Shen et. al in the Chinese Academy have found a new compound La(Fe13-xSix)13 of magnetic refrigerant. The compound has cubic NaZn13-type crystal structure. As x < 1.6, the La(Fe13-xSix)13 compound has large itinerant-electron metamagnetic (IEM) trasition and magnetocaloric effects (MCEs). This magnetic refrigerant has high performace when T=Tc even in relatively low magnetic fields.Due to the itinerant-electron metamagnetic (IEM) trasition that is first order magnetic trasition from the paramagnetic to ferromagnetic state, the materials have large magnetocalorics effects.

Because the AC susceptibility is a powerful method for examining the nature of magnetic phase transition.So,in the experiment, we will discussed La(Fe11.8Si1.2)13 of interesting phenomena. Measurement yields some quantities include the magnitude of the susceptibility, χ , and the phase shift, δ,have an in-phase, or real component χ' that related to the reversible magnetization processe with the oscillating field,another is an out-of-phase, or imaginary component χ' that related to loss due to irreversible magnetization processe、energy sorbed from the field.

Analysis the quality factor Q and disspation factor tanδ to understand the energy loss and storage of material La(Fe13-xSix)13 and discussed the different temperture and frequency on the alternating magnetic susceptibility variation in the material of La(Fe11.8Si1.2)13.
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