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標題: Anisotropic Hybrid Plasmonic Waveguide
作者: Yu-Cheng Lo
關鍵字: 異向性材料;液晶;混合電漿子波導;光波導;極化分離器;anisotropic materials;liquid crystal;hybrid plasmonic waveguide;optical waveguide;polarization beam splitter
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Recently, anisotropic materials have been popular in designing and manufacturing of photonic integrated circuits. We adopted the anisotropic materials, to design polarizer beam splitters because of the flexibility and controllability of materials. In the thesis, we employed 4-Cyano-4'-pentylbiphenyl (5CB liquid crystal) to design an anisotropic hybrid plasmonic wavguide, which simplifies the configuration of polarizer beam splitter, and a straight waveguide structure, increases the simplicity and device density of photonic integrated circuit. In addition, the proposed hybrid plasmonic waveguide effectively shrinks the mode area, and increases propagation length. With controlling the structure parameters and external electric field, the performances of the proposed design can be flexibly adjusted. After optimizing the parameters of mode characteristics, we design polarization beam splitter with high extinction ratio of about 20 dB and insertion loss of 2.19 dB.
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