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標題: Fabrication and characteristics of P3HT solid-state Pb-Bi-S semiconductor-sensitized solar cells
作者: Chih-Hui Hsu
關鍵字: Pb-Bi-S;Pb-Bi-S
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本研究主題為固態Pb-Bi-S半導體敏化太陽能電池,研究主要可分為兩部分:(1)先使用水熱法製作出半導體材料Pb-Bi-S粉末。(2)再進行主題Pb-Bi-S敏化太陽能電池的研究。固態太陽能電池的製程依序為噴霧熱解法合成blocking-layer,接著spin-coating多孔隙TiO2薄膜,接下來將Pb-Bi-S粉末混合PEG後,在TiO2表面分別鍍上Pb-Bi-S半導體做為敏化劑,最後填充P3HT,在表面形成over layer並濺鍍金電極。完成後的樣品利用X-ray粉末繞射儀,分析所合成出材料的相態為Pb_0.89 Bi_0.22 S_1.22,使用冷場發射掃描電子顯微鏡分析斷面結構,功率轉換效率分析太陽能電池的光電轉換效率。表現最佳的Pb-Bi-S半導體敏化太陽能電池,在21%的太陽光下,效率為0.008%,短路電流0.015 mA/cm2,開路電壓0.29V,填充因子40.07%。

This thesis presents solid-state Pb-Bi-S semiconductor-sensitized solar cells. Pb-Bi-S semiconductor powder was synthesized by the hydrothermal method. The solid-state solar cell was fabricated layer by layer as described below. First, a blocking layer was deposited on FTO by the hot-spray method. Then, a mesoporous-TiO2 layer was spin-coated above the blocking layer, followed by depositing the mixed Pb-Bi-S powder and PEG. The P3HT hole transport material was then filled into the mesoporous-TiO2 and formed an over-layer. Finally, an Au electrode was sputtered on the over-layer as the electron collector. X-ray powder diffraction the phase of the synthesized material is Pb_0.89 Bi_0.22 S_1.22. The morphology of the cell was analyzed by a field emission scanning electron microscope. I-V characteristics were measured by a Keithley 2400 source meter. The best Pb-Bi-S-sensitized solar cell yields a short circuit current of 0.0147 mA/cm2, an open circuit voltage of 0.29 V, a fill factor of 40.07% and a power conversion efficiency of 0.008 % under 21% illumination of AM 1.5 sun.
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