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標題: Copper(II) and Nickel(II) Complexes Supported by Multidentate Schiff Base Ancillary Ligands: Synthesis, Characterization and Their Application in Copolymerization of Cyclohexene Oxide and Cyclic Anhydrides
作者: 張鈞棓
Chun-Pei Chang
關鍵字: Copper;Nickel;Cyclohexene Oxide;Anhydride;Copolymerization;銅;鎳;還養環己烷;酸酐;共聚合反應
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This thesis divides into two parts. In the first part, a series of copper(II) complexes (1-3) and nickel(II) complexes (4-5) chelated with N,O,N-Schiff base ligands were synthesized, respectively. All metal complexes are characterized by elemental analysis, FT-IR, UV-vis, CV, EPR and X-ray diffractometer.
The second part is the study their activity in the copolymerization of anhydride with epoxide ring-opening copolymerization. Experimental results display copper(II) complex 1 reveals effective catalysis, well controlled polymerization and yielding polyesters with low molecular weight. In addition, nickel(II) complexes 4-5 show low catalytic activity in copolymerization. It is probably due to nickel center of six-coordinated sterically crowded.

本論文分成兩個部分,首先,成功合成出一系列NON-希夫鹼配位基前驅物(L1H-L3H)並分別與醋酸銅及醋酸鎳反應得到銅錯合物(1-3) 和鎳錯合物(4-5)。所有的金屬錯合物皆經由元素分析、霍氏紅外線光譜、紫外/可見光光譜、循環伏安光譜、電子順磁共振光譜及X-ray單晶繞射儀來鑑定其結構與特性。
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