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標題: 基於 8D-RL 描述子的影像擷取系統
Image Retrieval Based on 8D-RL Descriptor
作者: Wen-Jung Tsai
關鍵字: Image retrieval;8D-RL descriptor;HSV color space;Gray-scale image;Quantization;Texture direction extraction;影像擷取;8D-RL 描述子;HSV 色彩空間;灰階影像;量化;紋理方向萃取
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In this thesis, we propose a new image descriptor called 8D-RL which can be used in image retrieval systems for capturing both color and texture features from images.

First, a color image is converted from RGB space to HSV space and into a gray-scale image also. The hue component of the image is quantized by 12 bins and the gray-scale image is quantized by 16 bins. Starting from each pixel of the first row in both quantized images, we count the number of continuous pixels which have the same quantized value along a certain direction. Then we sum up the squared total number of pixels with the same quantized hue value from all continuous intervals as the texture feature of the underlying hue color and direction. Such features are generated based on all directions and all bin values from the hue component image and gray-scale image.

We use Corel-1000 database to exercise our experiments. Corel-1000 database has a total number of 1000 images belonging to 10 categories. In each category, we randomly select fifty images and proceed 500 times experiments. Experimental results show that our 8D-RL feature descriptor can combine color and texture features very effectively and has better performance in terms of precision and recall as compared to the performance of Liu's micro-structure descriptor.

在本篇論文中,我們提出了一種新的影像描述子,作為以色彩及紋理特徵比對標準之影像擷取資訊系統之基礎,此描述子稱為 8D-RL 描述子(8 Directional Run-Length descriptor),用來描述影像的色彩及紋理特徵,此描述子是建構在有方向性的顏色變化所產生的紋理。
將 RGB 色彩空間影像轉換成 HSV 色彩空間影像以及灰階影像後,將 HSV 的色調分量(Hue component)取出,對色調分量影像及灰階影像量化,然後提取色調分量量化影像和灰階量化影像的顏色和紋理資訊。8D-RL 描述子定義八個方向的顏色紋理,從影像最上列的每一個點出發,往八個方向前進,計算鄰居點與該點是否有相同的色調及灰階量化值,若相同則繼續前進,直到與出發點的值不同為止,然後紀錄此區間相同量化值的個數,重複以上動作直到該方向全部的點都計算過為止,將該方向所有區間具有相同某一量化值的個數取平方和後當在該方向對此一量化值的特徵,8D-RL 描述子是對所有色調及灰階強度之量化值在八個方向所整合而成的影像特徵向量。我們使用 Corel-1000 資料庫來進行實驗,此資料庫共有一千張自然影像,分屬十種類別,每一個類別我們隨機選取了五十張影像,用 500 張 query images 進行實驗,實驗結果顯示我們所提出的 8D-RL 影像特徵描述方法很有效率地結合了顏色及紋理的特徵資訊 與 Liu 等人所提出的微結構描述子相比 基於 8D-RL 的 CBIR,具有更高的精確度(Precision)和召回度(Recall)。
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