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標題: 不同最大標稱粒徑多孔隙瀝青混凝土力學行為之比較
Mechanical Behavior of Porous Asphalt Concrete with Different Nominal Maximum Aggregate Size
作者: 吳昆霖
Quin-Ling Wu
關鍵字: 1/2in.-PAC;3/4in.-PAC;performance test;1/2in.-PAC;3/4in.-PAC;成效試驗
引用: 1. 帆力浩三、丸山暉彥、大山秀雄、小山清 (1994),「排水性鋪裝的孔隙構造」,日本土木學會論文集,No.484/V-22, pp.69-76。 2. 劉明仁、高金盛 (1999) ,「高速公路多孔隙排水面層試鋪及績效評估研究」,交通部國道高速公路局 3. 黃博仁 (2001) ,「排水性瀝青混凝料鋪面試驗路段之成效評估」, 國立中央大學土木研究所碩士論文。 4. 朱柏彥(2003) ,「骨材級配對排水瀝青混凝土成效之影響」,國立成功大學土木工程研究所碩士論文。 5. 日本道路協會,排水性鋪裝技術指針(案),東京,日本(1996)。 6. 林昶穆 (2003) ,「不同配合設計方法對排水性瀝青混凝土成效之比較」,國立成功大學土木研究所碩士論文。 7. 林志棟 (1985),「瀝青混凝土配合設計及其原理」,科技出版社。 8. Isenring, T. H., Koster, and Scazziga, I. (1990), 'Experiences with Porous Asphalt in Switzerland', Transportation Research Record 1265, pp.41-53. 9. Ruiz, A. R., Alberola, Perez, F. and Scazziga, B. (1990), ' Porous Asphalt in Spain,' Transportation Research Record 1265, pp. 87-94,. 10. Tan, S. A., Fwa, T. F. and Chuai, C. T. (1998), 'Study of Drainage Properties of Porous Asphalt Mixes,' Proceedings of 9th Road Engineering Association of Asia and Australasia Conference, Vol.1, pp. 427-433. 11. 行政院公共工程委員會,「第02797章 排水性改質瀝青混凝土鋪面」 ,公共工程施工綱要規範完整版02篇目錄,02篇現場工作, 上線日期 Jan 16,2007, Index.htm.(2007) 12. Development of the 2002 Guide for the Design of New and Rehabilitated Pavement Structures: Part II. 13. American Society for Testing and Materials Standard Specification D3497-79 (1979), 'Standard Test Method for Dynamic Modulus of Asphalt Mixtures' Annual Book of ASTM Standard , Vol. 04.03. 14. Kim, Y. R. and Lee, Y. C. (1995), 'Interrelationships among Stiffnesses of Asphalt Aggregate Mixtures', Journal of the Association of Asphalt Paving Technologists, Vol. 64, pp. 575-609. 15. Goodrich, J. L. (1991), 'Asphalt Binder Rheology, Asphalt Concrete Rheology and Asphalt Concrete Mix Properties', Journal of the Association of Asphalt Paving Technologists, Vol. 60.pp.80-120. 16. Pellinen, T.K. (2001), 'Investigation of the Use of Dynamic Modulus as an Indicator of Hot-Mix Asphalt Performance.' Ph.D. Dissertation, Arizona State University, Temple, AZ. 17. 曾懷谷 (2013) ,「多孔隙瀝青混凝土不同配合設計性質之比較」, 國立中興大學土木研究所碩士論文。 18. Schapery, R.A.(1975). ' A Theory of Cracking Initiation and Growth in Viscoelastic Media;Part I: Theoretical Development, Part II: Approximate Methods of Analysis, Part III: Analysis of Continuous Growth. ' International Journal of Fracture, Vo.11, pp.141-159, Vo.11, pp.369-388, Vo.11, pp.549-562.
本研究以多孔隙瀝青混凝土兩種不同最大標稱粒徑級配來作探討。3/4in.-PAC和 1/2in.-PAC一致採用國內逐漸推廣的改質III型瀝青膠泥拌合。兩種粒徑級配分別依現行規範決定最佳含油量,在實驗室製成試體並透過垂流、滲透性、飛散、穩定值、水敏感性、動態模數、重複荷重下之永久變形、三軸壓縮試驗、輪跡車轍試驗等一系列試驗進行分析與探討,以期能提供國內多孔隙瀝青混凝土設計應用的參考。

Taiwan is located in subtropical regions, perennial hot and rainy, promote the use of the current highway surface layer porous asphalt concrete paving material, this material has a rainy day skid, reduce the mist, with noise reduction to improve driving safety and good results in terms of comfort, Only because of its characteristics of high porosity, pellet structure is strong enough to resist Taiwan highway heavy traffic on the mechanics and related test results need to be explored further. Through academic researches, related mechanics theory applied to practice, continuous improvement and development of porous asphalt concrete for Taiwan with the design methods, the real direction in recent years, the efforts of all relevant units to.
In this study, two different porous asphalt maximum nominal particle size gradation to make discussion. 3 / 4in.-PAC and 1 / 2in.-PAC agreed to promote the use of domestic gradually modified asphalt cement mixing III. Two particle size grading decisions are best oil content in accordance with existing norms, made in the laboratory test body and through vertical flow, permeability, flying, permanent deformation stable value, water sensitivity, dynamic modulus, repeated load under triaxial compression test, wheel track rutting test and a series of tests were analyzed and discussed in order to provide reference domestic Porous asphalt concrete design applications.
According to the test results showed that, 1 / 2in.-PAC has a better anti-wear performance, 3 / 4in.-PAC is the drainage performance and stable value performed better. In the water-sensitive test, 3 / 4in.-PAC have preferred not soaked indirect tensile strength, but in the larger porosity of the case, which could easily lead to water intrusion speculation, thus reducing asphalt adhesive force, so try body easier to erosion by water, which led to the indirect tensile strength decreased faster in 1 / 2in.-PAC.
From the results of dynamic modulus master curve that high-temperature environment of low frequency load, 1 / 2in.-PAC test specimen of a larger dynamic modulus value, indicating its high temperature resistance to rutting better. High load at low frequency, 1 / 2in.-PAC test body relative dynamic modulus values slightly larger, the display 1 / 2in.-PAC Specimen low resistance to fatigue cracking capacity slightly worse. In the permanent deformation under load in repeated tests, 1 / 2in.-PAC 4 percent strain in a simplified take longer, better rutting resistance, this is consistent with the dynamic modulus test results. Wheel track rutting tests, the dynamic stability values of 1 / 2in.-PAC Specimen higher, indicating better rutting resistance, this is consistent with the first two test results. Triaxial compression test, ψ value 1 / 2in.-PAC test body were high, can show they have a higher resistance to rutting. Consistent with the trend of the previous three test results.
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