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標題: 營造工程安全衛生監造查核實務之探討
Check out of inspection of health and safety supervision in construction site
作者: 翁銘欽
Ming -Chin Weng
關鍵字: construction industry;health and safety;營造業;安全衛生
引用: 參考文獻 1. 勞動部(行政院行政院勞工委員會),年6月) 2. 內政部營建署-「南投生活圈道路系統建設計畫─南投市祖祠橋新建工程」契約(2008年1月) 3. 交通部鐵路改建工程局南部工程處-「高雄鐵路地下化延伸鳳山計畫」工程委託監造及專業技術顧問服務契約,年6月) 4. 交通部鐵路改建工程局中部工程處-「員林計畫土建、機電(一般機電、電訊、行車調度無線電系統、SDH)、軌道工程施工監造技術服務契約」,年6月) 5. 交通部鐵路改建工程局「台中計畫土建、一般機電、軌道工程施工監造技術服務」委託監造及專業技術顧問服務契約,年9月) 6. 交通部鐵路改建工程局服務契約高雄計畫專業技術服務(第一標) ,年6月) 7. 交通部鐵路改建工程局南部工程處-「臺鐵林邊溪橋改善計畫」施工監造技術服務契約,年6月) 8. 交通部高速鐵路工程局中正國際機場聯外捷運系統建設計畫細部設計 A施工監造顧問服務契約書(2006年6月) 9. 勞動部(行政院行政院勞工委員會)職業安全衛生署中區職業安全衛生中心,年10月) 10. 勞動部(行政院行政院勞工委員會)勞工安全衛生研究所委託研究(103)期中報告(2014年9月) 11. 交通部公路總局蘇花公路改善工程處-台九線蘇花公路蘇澳東澳段工程委託監造服務工作



The data of domestic construction industry occupational injure of Occupational Safety and Health Act shows that it accounts a large proportion of the occupational fatalities in construction industry; it is almost half over than any other in the whole industry. One of the reasons for this is that the safety and health needs of the working environment have not been well considered. Therefore, establishing the multiple supervisory and management mechanism is the primary task. Further, safety and health inspection items should be included in construction supervision contracts.
The study was actually participated in the implementation of checks on high-risk items of health and safety at the domestic construction workplace. Implementing the checking system of inspector can prevent from occupational accidents, improve the construction environment and the management of safety and protect the lives and property of construction labors. The study can provide the reference of implement for the related domestic inspectors and workers, and also help the safety of construction working and prevent the occupational accidents in the future.

Keywords: construction industry, health and safety
其他識別: U0005-2001201510360800
Rights: 同意授權瀏覽/列印電子全文服務,2015-01-27起公開。
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