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標題: 使用Regularized LS計算法於OFDM系統中改進通道估計效能之研究
Improving the Predictive Value of Regularized LS in OFDM System
作者: 陳廷溱
Chen, Chen-Ting
關鍵字: 通道估計;regularized LS;regularized LS;predictive value;channel estimation
出版社: 電機工程學系所
引用: [1] S. Coleri, M. Ergen, A. Puri, and A. Bahai, “Channel estimation techniques based on pilot arrangement in ofdm systems,” Broadcasting, IEEE Transactions on, vol. 48, no. 3, pp. 223 – 229, sep 2002. [2] B. Saltzberg, “Performance of an efficient parallel data transmission system," Communication Technology, IEEE Transactions on, vol. 15, no. 6, pp. 805 –811,december 1967. [3] S. Weinstein and P. Ebert, “Data transmission by frequency-division multiplexing using the discrete fourier transform,” Communication Technology, IEEE Transactions on, vol. 19, no. 5, pp. 628 –634, october 1971. [4] A. H. Sayed, Ed., Adaptive Filters. University of California at Los Angeles,2008. [5] O. Edfors, M. Sandell, J.-J. van de Beek, S. Wilson, and P. Ola Borjesson, “Ofdm channel estimation by singular value decomposition,” in Vehicular Technology Conference, 1996. ''Mobile Technology for the Human Race''., IEEE 46th, vol. 2,apr-1 may 1996, pp. 923 –927 vol.2.
計法(pilot-based channel estimation)是利用在接收端已知的引領
訊號(pilot symbols)來估計通道狀態資訊,這個方法準確度是跟引領訊號的多寡成正比。在這篇論文中我們將會去探討引領式通道估計法在OFDM系統中的運用。這邊我們將會提出一個新的方法,Regularized Least-square,這個方法同樣也是使用了已知的引領訊號上的資訊,但這個方法同時加入之前時間的通道資訊,它運用了這兩種資訊來估計新的通道。當通道在時間上的相關性在我們所提出的方法中為已知,我們可以預期這邊提出的方法會比使用標準的Least-Square(LS)要來的好,特別是在低訊雜比(SNR)的狀況底下。

In wireless communication systems, channel estimation is need to get channel state information. The accuracy of this information would affect system’s performance. Pilot-based channel estimation[1] utilizes the know pilot symbols at the
receiver to estimate the channel state information, and the accuracy of pilot-based channel estimation depends on the number of pilot symbols. In this thesis, we will investigate pilot-based channel estimation in OFDM system. A new algorithm will be proposed by employing both the know pilot symbols and the latest channel state information to find the new channel estimation, using regularized least-square method. Since temporal channel correlation will be explored in the proposed algorithm, it is expected that the performance of the proposed algorithm will outperform
the existing algorithms utilizing the standard LS method especially at lower SNR values.
其他識別: U0005-2308201210031500
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