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標題: 自主全向移動機器人之模糊多感測推廣型資訊濾波器全域定位與姿態追蹤
Fuzzy Multisensorial EIF-based Global Localization and Pose Tracking for Autonomous Omnidirectional Mobile Robot
作者: 王孝慈
Xiao-Ci Wang
關鍵字: no;無
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This thesis presents new techniques for two multisensorial extended information filter (MEIF) methods for global pose localization of an autonomous omnidirectional mobile robot (AOMR) driven by omnidirectional Mecanum wheels in indoor environments by fusing measurements from one KINECT sensor, one laser scanner and four encoders mounted on the omnidirectional Mecanum wheels. MEIF and fuzzy MEIF methods are proposed to achieve multisensorial global pose initialization and tracking for the AOMR with nonlinear measurement models corrupted with time-vary noise characteristics. With the measurements of the azimuth angles and distances of any neighboring two KINECT-based landmarks, two static global pose initialization algorithms are presented to estimate both start-up position and orientation of the AOMR. Once the initial global pose is roughly determined, both MEIF and fuzzy MEIF dynamic pose tracking approaches are proposed to fuse the measurements from the four encoders, KINECT and laser scanner, in order to continuously keep track of the accurate moving poses of the robot at slow speeds less than 100 cm/sec. Through simulations and experimental results, the proposed methods are shown capable of obtaining accurate estimation of both unknown initial and continuous moving positions and orientations of the robot.

本篇論文的主旨是針對裝置四個麥卡輪的全方位移動機器(AOMR),提出兩種多感測推廣型資訊濾波方法,用以融合由一個 KINECT 感測器,一個雷射掃描儀和四個編碼器的測量值,達成新型的全域定位技術。為解決具非線性量測模型與時變雜訊等特性的全方位移動機器定位問題,多感測推廣型資訊濾波和模糊多感測推廣型資訊濾波方法被提出來達成多感測器融合的全域姿態初始化和姿態追蹤。其次,提出兩種靜態全域姿態初始化演算法,僅使用 KINECT 感測器測量任意兩個相鄰的地標及其與全方位移動機器的距離和角度等量測值,估測全方位移動機器的起始位置和方位角。一旦全方位移動機器初始位置大致確定,多感測推廣型資訊濾波和模糊多感測推廣型資訊濾波動態姿態追踪的方法可用以融合四個編碼器、KINECT 和雷射掃描儀的測量資訊,全方位移動機器在小於 100cm /秒的低速下,可精確完成地估測連續位置與方位角追蹤。模擬與實驗結果驗證所提出方法可以精確的估測全方位移動機器在室內空間中的起始位置與姿態以及連續移動的位置和方位角追蹤。
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