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標題: 使用延伸里德所羅門碼之二階層跳頻分碼多工無線系統之效能研究
Performance Study of Two-Level FH-CDMA Wireless Systems Using Extended Reed-Solomon Codes
作者: 李俊憲
Chun-Hsien Li
關鍵字: FH-CDMA;Extended Reed-Solomon Codes;跳頻分碼多工系統;里德所羅門碼;延伸里德所羅門碼
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With the popularity of mobile communications, the demand for data services has increased substantially, which facilitates the development of mobile communications and wireless network rapidly. Consumers' need and desire for Internet services anytime and anywhere gives rise to the massive transmission of multimedia data, triggering a new demand for wireless application in the mobile communications market. To fulfill this great demand, one of approaches is Frequency Hopping Code Division Multiple Access (FH-CDMA) technique because it can accommodate more users on the Internet and speed up the data transmission. In this thesis, we analyze the performance of Extended Reed Solomon Codes (E-RS codes) in the two-level FH-CDMA system by running a computer simulation, during which we also compare E-RS codes performance with RS codes when they are used as modulation codes. Finally we found that E-RS codes deliver sightly better performance than RS codes in the two-level FH-CDMA system.

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