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標題: 全球太陽光電發電系統併聯規範之統整與研究
Survey and Research on the Interconnection Standards for photovoltaic generation(PV) in the World
作者: 陳偉政
Wei-Cheng Chen
關鍵字: Photovoltaic generation(PV);Distributed Generator;Interconnection Standard;Micro Grid;Power Quality;太陽光電;分散式電源;併聯準則;微型電綱;電力品質
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Under the force of environment and energy issues, photovoltaic generation(PV) and other distributed generators have achieved prodigious progress recently. However, existing distribution networks were not been designed to accept extensive solar generators. Therefore, how to interconnect a large amount of photovoltaic generation with safely and reliable operation is a major challenge in the development of modern networks. Interconnection standards for solar power are the technology base, which would push the development of solar power and micro grids. In this paper, the interconnection standards for distributed generation, especially for PV power, are studied. Major requirements in most of interconnection standards or local grid codes include general specifications, power quality, and safety and protection strategies. This paper can be provided as a reference to improve existing interconnection standards in Taiwan and abroad.

在環境與能源議題的壓力下, 近年來太陽光電以反其他分散式電源已經大幅地成長。然而,既有的配電網路並未設計用 來併接大規模的太陽光電。 因此,如何併接大量的太陽光電 且在安全與可靠的原則下運 轉是現代電網發展中最主要的挑戰。太陽光電併聯準則是所有技 術中的基率,它可促進太陽光電的發展 。在這篇論文中,我們探討許多 分散式電源併聯準則,且以太陽光電為主要探討的對象。大部分併聯準則或地區性電網準則的主要要求包含一般性 的規格、電力品質、以及安全與保護策略等 需求。這篇論文可提供改善目前國內外既有併聯 準則的參考。
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